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Learn the pros & cons of selling your house to local professional home buyer

We wrote this guide this year to walk through your 3 options when you need to sell your house.

1) Working with an agent.
2) Selling it yourself.
3) Selling to a real estate investor

This guide will tell you the pros, cons, costs, and timeline associated with each option… and it’ll show you which options make sense in what situations.

Good solid article that walks through how it works to sell to a real estate investor. They’re spot on with their recommendation to make sure you look for an investor who can deliver on their promise (some investors may not be able to actually close on their offer. Every offer we make we back up by being able to close on that offer.)

– Washington Post Article On Selling To A Real Estate Investor


Free Guide

5 Ways To Stop or Avoid Foreclosure In Today’s Market

Need more information on the foreclosure process and How To Stop Foreclosure? Download our FREE Stop Foreclosure Guide. Or, you can always feel free to Contact us anytime if you have questions, want a no hassle Situation Evaluation, or want to just learn more about how we can help homeowners avoid foreclosure or sell unwanted properties for cash.

The FDIC is a government entity and created a great resource and “Foreclosure Prevention Toolkit”. If you’re in foreclosure check it out.

– FDIC Foreclosure Prevention Information

The Urban Affairs Coalition has a great foreclosure prevention guide to walk you through the foreclosure process.

– Foreclosure Prevention Guide

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EZ Breezy Home Buyers is a real estate solutions and investment company based here in Hampton Roads. We love helping homeowners like you who are in tough situations find a win-win solution so you can get back on your feet and back to normal life. Our solutions range from helping you work with your lender to get your payments to where you can manage them again, we can buy your house for an all-cash fair offer in as little as 7 days, or several other solutions. In the end, we present you with all of your options… then sit back and let you choose whats right for you.

If you want us to look at your situation and show you all of your options… with NO-HASSLES at all… just honest information and guidance, just click the link below and tell us a bit about your house and your situation. It takes 5 minutes and could help you find the solution you’ve been looking for.


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