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Step 1

Getting started is as simple as providing some very basic info like your address, phone number and email address. That’s it! That is all we need to start.

You can give additional information after you submit a form, or we will ask a few more questions when you call.  This allows us to do some work before we even meet you.  You are never under any obligation.   And we never pressure you to sell to us.  In fact, we may even offer other possible solutions other then selling to us.   It’s all about solving your problem, whatever that looks like.  We will help you determine what is your best option.  The more information you ultimately share, the more successful we will be.  And, everything is free and confidential.

Step 2

We will reach out quickly to set an appointment to meet you and see your home.  This is important to make sure you get the best possible offer.

Evaluating your home is critical so we can make you our best offer.  This is an important part of our offer calculation (which we will share in more detail further down the page).  For this reason, we avoid making offers over the phone.  This way we avoid artificially low offers or the need to lower an offer after we actually see the home.  We can even do a virtual tour of the home if that works better.

Step 3

We make our offers on the spot!  And, we will give you a signed, simple, purchase agreement.

If you like our offer, you tell us when to close and we will take care of the rest.  We handle everything, from title work, to closing, to getting you your money.  We can close in a little as seven days, or much longer if you need to coordinate the closing with another event, like buying another home or needing time to move out.  There are never any fees or commissions, and we pay all standard closing costs.  So, what we offer is what you receive. Then, if you want to think it over or look at other options, just contact us when you are ready and we will be ready too.

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Understanding how it works

What exactly is a cash home buyer ?

Cash home buyers buy houses for investments and generally use them for a few different purposes:

To rehab into a like new, show quality, modernized home for resale at a profit.

To update and rehab the home for the purpose of renting it.

To wholesale to another investor who will use it for one of the above purposes.

There are no banks involved to slow things down by requiring repairs and inspections.

There is also no appraisal needed.

There are no third-party entities between you and the buyer.

This means speed, convenience, and flexibility.

Investors trade speed, convenience, and flexibility for a discount on the price.  They will not be living in the homes they buy.  They are an investment.  So, they generally don’t pay the fair market value of the home.  Although, there are some creative solutions in situations where fair market value is required because of a mortgage or liens on the property.  So, don’t let this stop you from completing the form.  Again, EZ Breezy Home Buyers will discuss all options with you. 

master investor certified

Getting the best price

Not only do you want to sell your house fast, but you want the best price you can get, right?

Of course. That’s why we take the time and get the information we need to insure we make the best offer possible.

WE NEED TO BUY HOUSES! We have to buy houses to accomplish our mission.

IT IS IN OUR BEST INTEREST TO MAKE YOU THE BEST OFFER WE CAN. And here is exactly how we do that.

Our offers are based or your home’s After Repair Value (ARV). ARV is the price that your home will sell for after all repairs and upgrades are made to the home.


After Repair Value

How do we calculate ARV ?

We look at comps!  Comps are what other homes very similar to yours in your neighborhood or general area have sold for in the last six months.  

There are no third-party entities between you and the buyer.

We examine pictures to find homes that have been rehabbed to a condition like what we would do.

We do NOT include lower priced homes in less than show quality condition. We typically sell at the top of the market. A higher ARV means a higher offer for you.

Selling a refurbished home

Total Cost of Repairs

Then, we estimate the total cost of repairs (COR)

We determine what needs replaced, what can be refurbished, and what can be left as is.

Taking time to examine these things means we can keep repair costs as low as possible to insure your best offer.

The cost to rehab a home is typically higher than the average home owner estimates. But, we are able to do it efficiently because of the volume of rehabs we have done to keep rehab costs to a minimum. Lower rehab costs mean a higher offer for you.

Evaluating costs

Calculate Our Selling Cost

These include the closing costs we will be paying when we buy your home and possible closing cost assistance for the buyer of the renovated home. The need for closing cost assistance typically depends on the location and selling price of the home. When we feel it will be required, we calculate it in.

It also includes the commissions we will have to pay to real estate agents. While we save you these fees when we buy your home, we will still pay these fees when we sell the home.

We also have to account for holding cost (costs accrued while we rehab the home) such as taxes, lawn care, utilities, etc. These are also impacted by the time it will take to complete the rehab and the anticipated market time to sell it.

Typically, selling costs can be 10% to 15% of ARV

Selling a refurbished home

Return on investment

Then we calculate our profit

Our profit will vary depending on the time we estimate the rehab process will take. Just like you, our pay is based on the amount of time we invest.

Houses needing more work will take longer and require a higher profit then homes requiring fewer repairs and less time to complete.


Oh boy, that was a lot

Translation please!

What does all of this mean in plain English?  All of this effort and detail means we take the time to be accurate in our offer and provide our best offer that will be honored all the way to closing.  And we can still do it on the spot before we leave so you know right away what our no obligation, no pressure, offer will be.

Are we always the highest offer you can receive? 

Maybe.  However, you may get higher offers from investors who do not take the time we take to formulate an accurate offer.  But, our offer will make it to closing. You can’t afford delays or starting the process over. 


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