Who you sell your house to matters!

You need a company that won’t waste your time, will truly listen to you, is interested in solving your need more than their own needs, communicates clearly & effectively, delivers on their promises, and knows how to do business the right way. Simply someone you can trust.

About our company

We can’t do what we do unless we buy houses

We love renovating houses! Taking something old, run-down, ugly, or just in need of a little TLC, and making it beautiful.

It’s been a family affair as long as I can remember. My father took his 1200 square foot home, built in the late 60’s, and over the years has added on and remolded it to the 3300 square foot home it is today.

Our first home was a DIY remodel project from end to end. We then moved to another fixer and remolded that one as well. We binged every night on HGTV as we dreamed and planned out next project.

When my daughter moved to the Hampton Roads area and bought her first home, we helped her find a fixer, remodel it, and ultimately sell it for a profit. Now, we have our own company doing exactly what we love.

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Mission & Values

Our guiding mission

To meet the needs and challenges of local Hampton Roads area homeowners by paying fair cash prices for their unwanted homes in an efficient and timely manner while treating our clients with dignity and respect.

Be respectful always

Be compassionate

A commitment to provide a winning solution

Meticulous attention to detail

Integrity – Doing the right thing no matter the outcome

To be driven by a passion for exceptional customer service

All that we do must ultimately serve to honor and glorify God

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Getting the best price

We are proud of our results and our amazing team

We provide solutions to help homeowners get out of sticky situations… like Foreclosure, owning a burdensome property, or a property in probate. At EZ Breezy Home Buyers, we focus on providing you with a solution to your situation so you can continue to do the things you love.

EZ Breezy Home Buyers is proud to be partnered with a network of local investors with over 50 years of combined experience in the Real Estate industry.

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Trusted in the Hampton Area

We are legitimate home buyers with cash ready to buy your home!

Unfortunately, our industry isn’t always Honest and trustworthy. You have a right to be skeptical, cynical, and untrusting. And so we have a duty to prove ourselves. We have a reputation for doing just that from dozens of sellers that have trusted us. Please visit our reviews and see for yourself.

We have built our company on a simple mission.

First, we are in business to make money. We have to be profitable to survive. But, profit is always the result of what we do, it is not the reason.

Our purpose is to buy homes and ultimately leave the home, the neighborhood, and the seller, better than when we started. All while honoring and glorifying God by always presenting our very best.


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