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Kirk Smith:
Good morning, it’s Kirk Smith with EZ Breeze Home Buyers standing in front of the latest home that we just contracted here in Virginia Beach. I’m going to do a quick walkthrough video so you can see what it looks like right now as we’re purchasing it. And then as usual, we’ll keep you updated on the rehab progress. If you have a home you’d like to sell, please give us a call at EZ Breezy Home Buyers, we pay cash. As you’ll see in a moment we buy homes in any condition, you don’t have to take anything with you, leave whatever you don’t want, we’ll take the home exactly as is, no repairs, make you a fast, fair, on the spot cash offer for your home.

If you’d like to have a no obligation meeting with us, just give us a call at (757) 720-7355 that’s (757) 720-7355, that’s 720-SELL, S-E-L-L. You can also reach us on our website at www.ezbreezyhomebuyers.com, that’s the letters E-Zbreezy, B-R-E-E-Z-Y, homebuyers.com and fill out a form there, we’ll get in touch with you right away. And again, it will be a no obligation appointment, we’ll review the house, have a little chat with you and then make you a fair, on the spot, cash as is offer. So let’s take a quick walk around this house and I’ll show you what we’ve got.

All right, so this is the home from the outside. Yards in pretty decent shape, a lot of nice big mature trees on this property, very shaded, it’s going to be beautiful when we’ve got it done. House is going to need cited, the roofs in pretty good shape, we’re going to remove that chimney up there, you’ll see when we get into the inside why, and we’ll have to patch that, but the rest of the roofs fairly new or architectural shingles. So we’re going to go ahead and leave the roof. We’ll need to cite the house, we’ll need to put gutters on the house, we need to wrap all the trim, the eaves, the soffits, and so forth.

Sidewalk and driveway’s in really good shape and we’ll replace that garage door because it looks very dated. So that’s just kind of a shot of the house from the outside. All the windows will have to be replaced in this house, they are all original wood windows so we’ll replace those with vinyl replacements. Front door’s in good shape, it’s got a newer front door on it so that’ll be one of the few things that we’ll actually be able to keep.

Now this house was occupied by a heavy smoker, and you can tell by looking on the walls that everything is covered in nicotine and smoke residue. So we’re going to have to do a heavy cleaning and a lot of kills in this home before we paint. Carpet is very, very dirty as you can see, can even see the outline of something that was hanging on the wall, you can see where everything on the walls was because around it is nicotine. So if you don’t smoke, don’t start. If you do, this is what your lungs look like.

So this is the living room area. You’ll see when we walk in, there’s this monstrosity. Probably very chic in its day, but right now it’s just a view block to the kitchen. Obviously we’re going to want to open this up, the kitchens directly behind that. So that’s all coming out, that’s the chimney I mentioned to you earlier up above, we’re going to remove that chimney all the way down to the floor and take all these bricks out, this house is built on a slab so it’s just sitting on a concrete slab. And when we’re done, we’ll have a nice open shot between here and the kitchen and the dining room area which is over here, so it’ll be nice and open when we’re finished, should be a beautiful layout. Very simple to do, no walls to remove except for this big, big brick one.

This is the dining room so we will be leaving this pretty much untouched. I suspect that this wall would either come down completely, or more than likely we’ll just cut it off and remove the top. So again, you’ve got a nice open view into the kitchen, but this will give us the ability to put cabinets or the stove or something along this wall, just as if the stove was there now, and I don’t have the layout with me, but it’d probably be similar, but this is the current kitchen, very old and dated as you can see. So this will all go well, we’ll pull up all of this tile, or likely in this home, like all the others we’ve done, we’ll use one continuous vinyl, luxury vinyl, waterproof flooring through the entire house. This will be very easy to do because everything’s all on one nice level slab. There is the pantry, so we’ll refurbish that. And again, this brick is all coming down, take out the top part of that wall and then, or the whole wall, and open everything up in this part of the house.

This is the laundry room area back here. So nice large area, back door, again the door’s in good shape so we’ll keep that. This is a nice large pantry, so there’ll be a washer and dryer right here where it’s currently wired for. We’ll be upgrading the panel to a new [inaudible 00:05:02] panel and rewiring the house because it is not currently balanced or grounded. And then there’s room here for some shelving, all kinds of storage opportunities here, more pantry space if you want, really a nice little set up.

This is the opening to the garage. It’s a good size garage, it’s a single car opening, but you definitely got a car and a half here so plenty of room to get out of the car once you to drive in. So this will make a nice garage when it’s finished. We’ll paint this up nice and pretty and maybe epoxy the floor. Furnace and air conditioner, newer water heater are all right here. Furnace is going to be checked out along with the AC, the AC looks to be newer, furnace may be a little older so we’ll have to determine if that needs to be replaced.

And then this part of the house is the three bedrooms. It’s a three bed, one bath that’s going to remain that, or excuse me, three bed, two bath. There’s a master in the back. Here’s the bathroom, it’s been remodeled at some point in its history. You can tell from the pink tub, it’s still a while back, this was probably the original tub, but it has been remodeled. We’ll obviously be remodeling it again, either glazing all this tile or tearing it off and replacing it, yet to be determined. We’re replacing the pantry, obviously replacing the flooring, new toilet, new mirror, new fixtures, all of that, of course new windows as I’ve already mentioned. So that’s the main bath.

This is bedroom number one, very small bedroom, but fine for a nursery or small child. And you can see everything is just very covered in cigarette smoke and crud. A standard closet here, fairly compact but sufficient for a room this size. Back here on the left is another bedroom. This paneling will come down, we could paint over it but we’ll probably just remove it and refinish the walls, probably use a knockdown texture in the entire house. We’ll re-texture all these ceilings as well.

And then somebody has, it’s a very short door, probably hard to tell on the video, but that should be taller, that’s a very short door. I’m six foot tall and I can’t walk under it, which means somebody’s built this down. And you can feel in here where the original header was, so I’m not sure why that happened but we’ll remove all that and put a regular set of doors back in there. Other than that, not much to do in the bedrooms. And then this is the master bedroom. Again, not a bad size, nice large walk-up in closet here, so we’ll be able to do some nice things here. And then this is the main bath, or the master bath, excuse me. So the shower is going to have to be refurbished, and this bedroom right here, bathroom brightened up. So that’s the bedroom, take you outside real quick.

And this is the backyard. It’s got a really nice covered porch over it, we’ll have to finish the underneath side of this, but it’s large, dry so it doesn’t leak, a nice concrete pad that’s in good shape, so we’ll clean all this up. Air conditioning units right here, but this is a nice little space at this backyard, great place for a grill, we’ll wrap all of those posts in white, finish this off real nice. Could put some railing around it, haven’t decided yet if that’s necessary. Yard’s pretty good size, mostly fenced in, mostly privacy. We’ll probably replace, pull out all this chain link and replace it with privacy fence or at least that’s the plan so that we got privacy fence all the way around and then just take it right up to the neighbor’s privacy fence and I’ll want to figure that out. But you can tell it was really pretty at one time.

You can tell we’re in Virginia Beach, the jets are flying over. It was really pretty at one time, a lot of nice landscaping so we’ll try to refurbish all this and make this backyard kind of an oasis, but it’s really a nice size lot, it’s got a storage shed over here that’s not in too bad of shape, a little bit of work we can bring that back to life, make that useful again. And this is the back of house, we’ll have everything wrapped, re-cited, new gutters. It’s going to be a good looking place.

So that’s it. We’ll keep you posted as it progresses. Again, if you have home that you would like to sell, please give us a call at (757) 720-7355, or that’s (757) 720-SELL, S-E-L-L. Or go to our website, www.ezhomebuyers.com and we’ll talk to you soon.

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