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Kirk Smith:
Hello, this is Kirk Smith with EZ Breezy Home Buyers. I am standing in the South Norfolk section of Chesapeake in front of two homes that we just recently contracted. Both of these homes are about to be rehabilitated into brand new condition and they’ll be resold to help brighten and help revitalize this neighborhood, which is what we love most about what we do. Just one and a half blocks or so from here, we also purchased a third home, contracted that as well, and that is going to be actually rented to a family that already lives there. And so we purchased that one to hold onto and it’ll be continued to be rented by the family that’s been there for 12 years. So again, that’s just an example of what we do. If you have a home you’d like to sell, you can reach out to us at 757 408-8210. That’s 757 408-8210, or reach out to us on our website, that’s ezbreezyhomebuyers.com, the letters E-Z breezyhomebuyers.com.

There you can fill out a form and we’ll get in touch with you right away. We’ll make an appointment to come out, meet with you, see your home, and we’ll make you a fast, fair offer on the spot, using cash to purchase your home and closing on your timeline. The two houses you see behind us, both of these owners had purchased homes in other states, and they needed to sell these. Wanted to do it quickly, in both cases, they had a lot of stuff they didn’t necessarily want to take across the state lines with them, just too much stuff to carry. So, they took what they wanted. They left the rest. And again, that’s what we do. You don’t have to do any repairs, no need to do any clean-out, simply take what you want, leave the rest and we’ll purchase the homes as is for cash and close quickly on your timeline. We’ve actually been working on these for over a year. Just the time it took for them to finally decide they were ready to go ahead and sell and move.

We had contracted quite some time ago and finally were able to get these closed very recently. So again, flexibility is the key. We want to make it easy. That’s why our name is EZ Breezy Home Buyers. The other home I mentioned, again there was a family living there, had been living here for 12 years, renting that home. The individual who owned it, or actually his mother owned it, she had been living with him for 12 years and recently passed away and he didn’t want to keep the home, but he sure did want to keep the renters in there. They had been renters for 12 years. He felt loyal to them.

So, we were able to purchase the home and then go ahead and leave those renters in that home and continue on with that arrangement and then give him what he needed to move on as well. So again, that’s what we do. Again, you can reach us at 757 408-8210 or www.ezbreezyhomebuyers.com. We’ll come out and make you a fast, fair on the spot offer. Something you can put in your hip pocket and consider as one of the options you have as you look to how you would like to sell your home. We look forward to talking to you soon.

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