Update Video 2 – Celey St – Hampton


Kirk Smith:
Hello, it’s Kirk Smith again with EZ Breezy Home Buyers, standing here in front of our Sally Street house in Hampton. This is one that we did an initial walkthrough video on, and I think one update. So I just want to give you another update as well, let you see how we’re progressing. This house is moving along nicely. Hopefully within a couple of weeks or so this’ll be listed on the market, so I thought I’d just give you a quick walkthrough and update you on how it’s coming along.

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So let me show you where we are. All right, so here’s the home from the outside. Coming along very nicely, as you can see. It’s got a new roof on it now. Nice dark charcoal roof. We’ve got all the soffits painted, all the downspouts painted. We’re going to be replacing the railing with, likely, vinyl railing and that corner railing there on the corner is going to be replaced with a post, that’ll be wrapped in vinyl so that porch will look nice. I think we’re just going to cover the porch with black outdoor carpet, which is similar to what was on there before.

You can see we’ve got the brick clean now, mostly. There’s a little bit of cleaning still of doing that brick over there, but this is where we took out the doors that covered the garage opening, put in new windows, bricked into match. It come out looking really nice. We also got some new steps put in. The steps were in pretty bad shape, so we had those busted out and put in some nice new brick steps. So the outside of the house is looking quite nice. We also painted the back, I’ll take a shot of that here in a little bit. Redid the deck and painted that. So it’s definitely coming along. So that’s the outside, let me take you inside.

All right, so they just finished. Well, they haven’t finished but they’ve been working on sanding the floors all day. Those of you who saw the initial video, remember that we are going to refinish these hardwood floors. They’re in really good shape, so when they’re done they’ll be beautiful. We picked out a nice honey color for them, so they’re going to do that over the weekend. So on Monday, those should be finished. I just need to give them a day or two to dry. So those have been sanded. All the walls have been painted. I think I might have shown you that in the last video. All the doors have been painted. We’ve got a new door on the front, new door on the back. Ceiling fan here in the living room.

I’ll take a quick walk down the hallway. All the bedrooms are pretty much ready, except for a little touch-up. Again, they’ve got the floor sanded, all the walls are painted. We’ve got these nice light fixtures up here in all the bedrooms. Nice sliding doors in the closet. We’ve got the shelves in, new closet rods, so these bedrooms are about ready to go. This is bedroom number two, the biggest of the three bedrooms. We’ve still got to put a shelf in that closet, but it’s coming along. The floors have all been sanded in here. Same light fixture in this room. And then the smallest of the three bedrooms here. Again, same light fixture in this room. A little bit of touch-up paint to do, and of course we’ll put down quarter round and touch-up paint all the baseboards, but you can see those are coming along nicely. Again, all new doors throughout the house.

This is the bathroom. So we got the floor down in the bathroom. Same flooring that we put in the kitchen and the master bath as well. The bathtub is in, just needs to be cleaned up. We’ve got a nice surround here. Again, this surround has shelves that you can position in the corners in any position you want. Different types of shelves. It’s really a cool system. So this will be a very functional bathtub when it’s finished. We’ve just got to set the toilet, set the vanity, get the vanity light up for a nice new light in here. We’re going to be putting a vent fan right there, because this bathroom doesn’t have one. So we still got to do that.

And this is the kitchen. Again, same flooring in here that we put in the bathroom. It’ll be extended in this utility room once the HVAC is done. And we haven’t done that, but that’ll be happening this week, new HVAC system. And all the cabinets are in. Same cabinets that we’ve been using in our last few homes. This nice mocha colored cabinets. Stove will go right here. Sink of course will go right here in front of the window. Put a nice pendant light up there in front of the window. We’ve got a nice kitchen light up here, and then the dishwasher will go here. More cabinets up above.

And it’s a galley type kitchen, so we’ve got plenty of cabinets over here, good counter space and cabinets here, and a nice refrigerator space right here. So that’s the kitchen, I think it’s going to be very nice. Lots of drawers. All of these lower cabinets have nice big drawers. Drawer here, drawer here. We did not put a drawer bank in this kitchen just because it’s kind of small, but there’s plenty of drawers here. And then also a drawer right here. So, a really good looking kitchen. This will be the dining room area of course. Again, same light here that we put everywhere else.

I don’t know if the master bedroom has changed much, but I’ll show you that. We’ll take you downstairs. They’ve got this blocked off right now because they’re replacing some stair treads, so I’ll take you in through the back door. We’ve got the vinyl flooring in downstairs, so you can see what that’s going to look like. These stairs will all be carpeted. This master bedroom will also be carpeted, but it’s pretty much done. Same light as everywhere else. All painted, all the baseboards are down. Nice ceiling fan over here with double switches, one for the light, one for the fan.

And of course this closet we added. This closet wasn’t here, it was over there, covering up that vent. So we tore that closet out, moved it over here, which looks much better and gave us a nice much bigger walk-in closet. We’ve got a pull chain light here. So that’s the master closet, there is a cold air return there, so we’ll be putting a filter vent over that and then putting a vent in the doorway, letting it pull air through the closet to create a cold air return for this room, which should make it heat and cool much better.

And then here is the master bathroom. It’s very small but functional. So there’s a toilet over there. Same flooring as the kitchen and the other bath. 18 inch vanity there. Vanity right there, a GFI. This one’s already got a vent in it. And here is the shower. Same shower treatment that we used in all of our homes. With this one, because it’s small, we went ahead and put the tile vertically rather than horizontally, which makes it look a little bigger. I think it gives it a really nice look. And then we used this river rock looking shower base. That’s a custom shower base, and a nice curve here with a piece of white marble that we’ll clean up and that’ll shine like a new penny. So, good looking master bathroom.

And so I’ll take you outside, show you the back and the deck. All right, so here’s the deck. It’s going to need cleaned off, but they repaired all the rotten wood, painted it a nice gray color. Repaired all the railing, painted that in a nice, pretty white. And so, it really come out nice. Good looking deck back here. I’ll give you a shot from the ground side as well. We’ve also painted the whole back of the house, including all the soffits, all the gutters. We’ll be replacing that light there by the door with a new one, but you can see it looks really nice. We’ll replace this door leading into the downstairs bonus room. So it’s getting close to being done. This house will be ready to list very soon.

We’ll be keeping the air conditioning unit. It’s a 2014 so it’s not that old, but the furnace is older. So I think we’re going to be replacing the furnace whenever we replace the HVAC. We’ll be wrapping and insulating the existing duct, repairing some duct, moving a few ducts. Here’s the building that was in the back. That’s all been painted with vinyl wrapped around the top. You can see it’s practically like a brand new building now. Also put a new roof on that when we roofed the house, so it’s good to go. So, a nice little storage building back here. Those doors are falling off, but there’s some new wood there on the ground that we’re going to use to rebuild those so those will function.

We’ll have the landscaper come in here before too long and start working on the landscaping, giving it some good curb appeal. But you can see we’ve, hard to see with the sunshine in, but you can see all the soffits have been painted. We re-wrapped the tops of those windows up there. We finished off and wrapped the tops of these new windows that we put in down here, as well as at the top, so that this whole area somewhat looks like it was built this way. Again, we’ll have to clean. That’s caulk up there, up across the top of those windows. It’s caulk from an old bay window, so we’re going to have to scrub as much of that off as we can. Whatever won’t scrub off, we’ll get some paint to match this brick and then dry brush over it and you’ll hardly even see it.

We’ll replace that light fixture right there with a newer, more modern LED light fixture that will be motion sensing just like this one. So whenever somebody comes to the front yard or even drives up into the driveway, that light will pop on to give them plenty of light. One of the things we’re going to do too, this curb was already here to collect water. It runs down this slope. There is a drain right here that is plugged. There’s a two inch pipe off to the side that runs this way. I believe it runs underneath this driveway and probably all the way over to a storm drain, which is located way out there somewhere in the yard.

So, this concrete curb stops right here, and all of this here has been damaged or broken out. We’ve just got it covered with the tarp right now just to divert water when it rains. But we’re going to replace that curb to make sure no water gets into this lower room. So I’ve got somebody coming out here later to quote and replace that curb all the way across the front of the house. So on our next update, or probably our final video, you’ll get to see that. We’re going to run that curb and that trough all the way out to the corner of the house. That’ll funnel all the water over to this low spot, which will drain right out the back of the property, keeping this room nice and dry.

So that’s where we are so far. Again, if you have a home you’d like to sell, give us a call at 757 720 S-E-L-L, that’s 720 7355. Or visit our website, fill out a short, just three question form. That’ll notify us, we’ll get in touch with you right away, come out, take a look at your home, make you a fast, fair on-the-spot cash offer, and hopefully we can help you sell your house easy and fast.

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