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Kirk Smith:
Hello, it’s Kirk Smith here again with EZ Breezy Home Buyers, standing on a beautiful day in Suffolk. We are standing in front of one of our latest home acquisitions. I did a walkthrough video on this house a few weeks back. Just wanted to do a quick update video since we have it demoed now so you can get a good look on what it looks like on the inside and kind of some of the work that we have to do.

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Let me take you, a quick look inside. All right, before we go inside, here’s the outside of the house once it’s been demoed. You may recall that there was a front… Well, several awnings, actually; one on the front porch there and then over the top of all the windows all around the house. All those awnings have been removed. This is what the house looks like once that’s all been done. If you remember, the brick on this house was in pretty good shape, but everything else was pretty rough. We’ll be putting on a new roof, repairing, wrapping all the soffits, obviously replacing all the windows. There are lots of problems with this house as you’ll see when we get on the inside. This will be one of the biggest rehabs that we’ve done, but it’ll be beautiful when it’s finished.

This is the outside of the house from the front. You’ll remember there was a screened-in porch here that we have taken all the screens out of. We removed the air conditioner that was in that opening right there. Right now, we just have a hole that we’re going to have to deal with. But you can see there’s been quite a bit of change just since our update video.

One of the other things we did was move this building in the back. If you recall that, that building that’s right in front of us, was way back on the back of the property. Unfortunately, that’s property that we don’t own. The home seller had placed it back there and started mowing this property because it’s actually landlocked property, but they don’t actually own it. We knew in order to sell the house with the building, we needed to get it off that property. You can kind of see where it was sitting back there. That was moved, and moved right up here by the end of the driveway. Turned it sideways. Makes a nice little building. The driveway ends in this concrete pad right up next to this building. This is a really nice building. It’s in really good shape. It’ll add a lot of value to the house.

Then you can see here where the original other small building was. That telephone pole is indeed the back of the property line. We sat it there and then there’s power to that light pole. Our plan is to eventually run power over to this building as well. That’s been done. Not much has changed on the back of the house.

All right, so let me take you inside. All right, let’s step on inside. You can see all the carpets have been removed. There are hardwoods under the floors here, but we will not be restaining these because they don’t exist in most of the house. They’ve been replaced or damaged too severely, so we’ll probably put LVP, luxury vinyl plank, throughout this house just like we usually do. All the paneling has been removed. If you recall, there was paneling throughout this entire house. We are down now to a blank slate.

This was the kitchen. There’s been some new subfloor put in here, but we’ll probably rip this up because I think the subfloor under it is not in very good shape. We’ll probably rip it up and put new subfloor down.

This ceiling was removed. If you recall from the video that we did, that we’re going to be replacing the wall that was across here. This is the back wall of the house originally, the original back wall, which should have been supported by a quality header beam. You can see that it was not. Simply a two by four, not even laid on their side, and so that is sagging. We will jack that back up and replace that wall across there.

Then you’ll recall, this was the master bathroom. We said we were going to blow out this back wall and move it back and put a tub or a shower right here. That wall’s been removed. We’ll be able to do that. That is a non-supporting wall. That was pretty easy to do. Then we’ll be, as I said, replacing this wall, putting obviously a wall across here, extending the bathroom, and then making this a small utility area where we’ll probably put capabilities for a stack washer and dryer.

You can see severe wood rot here on this subfloor. Again, there’s been some water leaking and water damage, so a great deal of that. There’s also been some termite damage in this house. You can see remnants of that right here. There’ll be a lot of subfloor replaced, a lot of work in the crawlspace. We’ve got estimates now to have that crawlspace done and it is significant. We’ll be replacing a tremendous number or sistering a tremendous number of joists, and seal plates, and beams, and everything under there.

Here is the master bedroom. Once it was demoed, once we removed all the paneling, as so often is the case, there is no drywall behind it. I actually prefer that. It gives us great access to the walls. We can see that all the studs back here are in good shape. I don’t believe we have any issues back here other than to replace the drywall and it’ll make it easier when we rewire the room and so forth. Now, there is a soft spot here on the floor, so again, there are some subfloor issues back here. We’ll be pulling up most likely the subfloor or at least a lot of it and replacing it. This whole room has been pretty much gutted.

Then you’ll recall that this wall was going to be removed. That is a supporting wall, so we’ll do that properly with [inaudible 00:07:32] beams and so forth. We’re going to be replacing some piers under the main beam in this house in the foundation. Those will be set so that they fall at the jack’s dead points after we remove this wall. Once this is done, this house will be done properly and it’ll be very solid.

You’ll see, we also removed all the subfloor in this bedroom. You’ll recall in the initial walkthrough video that the subfloor was beginning to buckle and had been damaged from termites. You can see that the repairs were certainly not done properly. We have a broken joist there that was not fully sistered. Most of these joists will all be sistered. A lot of the perimeter of the crawlspace will be repaired. The foundation itself’s in fine shape. Nothing wrong with the foundation itself, just a lot of wood rot and some termite damage. We’ll be fixing all of that.

They removed the fuel oil furnace that was in here. That’s been taken out. You’ll recall that we’re going to reclaim this hall closet and then eliminate those studs and open the main bedroom closet back up to its original footprint. Then we’ll be putting a new HVAC system in here that will likely go up in the attic up there.

This is the other bedroom. This bedroom’s going to require very little except for whatever we have to do under it in the crawlspace. We did have to remove some ceiling here. We’ve also demoed the main bath. This subfloor’s in good shape, but we’re going to have to do a little work here where the bathroom was. Of course, it’s been gutted, so we’ll be starting from scratch in here as well. Also, remove the ceiling. Good news is though, ceiling structure seems to be in pretty good shape. All the walls that we’ve seen so far seem to be in pretty good shape. There’s a little bit of work that we’ll have to do in here, but it’s not dramatic. You can see some two by four that’s been eaten away there, so we’ll have to repair that. There’s some work to do for sure, but it could always be worse.

That’s the situation. That’s it. Just wanted to give you a chance to see what the house looks like after it was demoed. Then we will do some more update videos as we start putting it back together.

Again, if you have a home you’d like to sell, give us a call or visit our website. Fill out a simple form and we’ll come out and talk to you about purchasing your home. Or if you know somebody that’d like to sell a home, we do pay very attractive referral fees. Have them give us a call, make sure that you reach out or have them give us your name, and we’ll make sure if we purchase that home, that we pay that referral fee.

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