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Hey, it’s Kirk Smith here again at Easy Breezy Home Buyer standing in front of our home on Arizona Avenue in Suffolk. Those of you who saw the initial walkthrough video will remember this home needed quite a bit of work. So, I wanted to just do an update, give everybody a look at where we are with this home. If you have a home you’d like to sell, give us a call at (757) 720-S-E-L-L. That’s (757) 720-7355. Or visit our website at www.easybreezyhomebuyers.com. That link will be in the description below. Fill out a quick and easy form there.

We’ll make an appointment to come out and take a look at your home. We will give you a good, solid, fast fair on the spot cash offer. Just give us a call, we’ll be happy to talk to you soon. Let me take you inside and share what we’ve gotten done so far. All right, not much has changed on the outside. We do have a new roof, although I think that may have been in the last update video we did. But the roof has been replaced. And so, that’s looking pretty good. Outside, we haven’t done much else. We’ve run a new plumbing line. The line going into the house was only a half inch. So, we replaced that with one inch. Of course, all the plumbing in the house has been replaced.

Everything, which you’ll see when we get in there. And then also, we had a lot of crawlspace work to do, which I won’t crawl under there and show you, but we sistered up pretty much every joist, replaced band board and seal plate on at least three sides of the house, replaced most of the subfloor with new subfloor. And so, this is what we have. So, as you can see, this is new subfloor. Everything in the kitchen is new subfloor. Everything in the back bedroom is new subfloor. We have new subfloor back here in the bathroom. Now, this bathroom has been expanded. You’ll recall this was a half bath. So, we pushed this back wall out to add in a shower. So, we’ll have a toilet here, vanity here, and now a shower for a full bath.

So, that took up a little bit of the room in our area here where we had talked about putting a washer and dryer. So, that’s been moved, and I’ll show you where that’s going. But this will make a really nice pantry for the kitchen. So, we’ll have this entrance here. We’ll put some cabinets and some shelving or both right along this wall here, maybe along the back wall, put some sort of a pantry in there just to give a great place to store pots and pans and small appliances and food and all those things. So, that’ll give a lot more storage to this kitchen. And of course, you’ve got this entryway coming in. So, this will also double as the mudroom. Probably put some coat hangers or something here. So, this is a good place to put your coats when you come in.

This is where the kitchen’s going to go. As you may recall from the initial video, everything’s been rewired. This is the original panel. It is an outside panel, but it’s in good shape. So, we retained it and run many, many, many more circuits to supply this house. So, we’ve got a dedicated circuit for the microwave, dedicated circuit for the disposal, we’ve got two circuits for the kitchen here and then also over here, and then of course, the dedicated refrigerator circuit there. And then, there’ll be an island coming out here, and we have a wire coming up that’s prepped to go there.

Everything’s being rewired lighting wise. We have four can lights that will go in here, plus a couple of pendant lights over the island. We’re prewired for six inch can lights in the living room, which will make a really nice modern look in here. And then, we made our laundry room over here. You recall that this wasn’t here, all of this framing. So, what we decided to do was go ahead and frame out right up to the edge of this entryway into the bedroom, which will give us enough depth and enough width to put our water heater and our washer and our dryer right here, right off the master bedroom. So, much, much better layout. Plus, that gives us, then, a coat closet here. So, when we first walk in, there’ll be an entryway or a closet here, entry door for a closet right here for coats, and so forth. Of course, we removed this wall. There’s the header beam, a nice LVL beam that is supported by the wall here as well as this half wall.

And also, all the way out to this corner post, which goes down very close to a pier. In the crawlspace, we poured several of your piers down there. And then of course, this also supported by this partial wall. So, a nice, solid, continuous ceiling through here. So, you’ll never know that wall was there when we’re done.

This is the main bathroom. The tub has been installed. We’re going to be eliminating that window. We’re going to be using direct to stud surrounds for both this bathroom and also that bathroom in there. You can see everything’s been plumbed up. All new plumbing, all new wiring, vents for the vent fans. Those have been added, which weren’t there. And of course, in the bedrooms, which we really haven’t done anything to any of these yet, except this one which got all new subfloor. So, you can see how much of the subfloor has been replaced in this house. We also pulled this wall in. It had been pushed back where they had taken up some of the closet space for the HVAC system, which will now go outside. It’ll be an outdoor unit. That’s not been installed yet, but that’ll be coming. And then, that gives us the width back.

The wall did come clear into here and made a tiny little closet. So, now we have a standard closet size in here again for this bedroom. Take a quick walk back to the master, and then you can see what we’ve done back there again. Just all new subfloor back here. Sistered up all the joists. Added an additional outlet over here, which there wasn’t one. Put a few three-way switches in for that can light that’s going to go in the hallway there. And then, recentered this light into the center of the room. And then, this is all the duct work, which will go in the crawl space here, hopefully this week, and start getting our HVAC in.

So, it’s definitely moving along. This room’s all been insulated already, but we’ll have to insulate the exterior walls where we tore out some walls. So, we’ll put insulation in there. They’re going to be doing drywall starting today. So, the next time you see it, it will be drywalled. And again, if you have a home you’d like to sell, give us a call. (757) 720-7355 or 720-SELL, and we look forward to talking to you soon.

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