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Kirk Smith:
Good morning. Kirk Smith with EZ Breezy Home Buyers. Just want to take a minute to share with you a home we just purchased. This home is in the Hampton area. We got a call from a lady, and perhaps you’ve been asking yourself, “Hey, my home is in foreclosure. What do I do? Do I have options?” Well, I’m here to tell you that you do.

We had a lady contact us. Her home was in foreclosure. She gave me a call, told me that her home was in foreclosure, was interested in selling it, if possible, to avoid foreclosure. When I asked her how soon the home was set to foreclose and go to auction, she told me about 10 days. So there was actually an auction date set about 10 days from the day she called us.

So I met with her very quickly. We were able to strike a deal where we were able to purchase her home, also put some money in her pocket, which gives her the ability to move and do it all before the foreclosure date. So before the home went to auction, we were able to get it closed and save her from a foreclosure.

So if you’ve got a home you’d like to sell for any reason, whether it be in foreclosure, whether you just need to move quickly, whether you’ve inherited a home and perhaps you just don’t want to manage the upkeep on, whatever the reason is, give us a call at EZ Breezy Home Buyers. You can reach us at (757) 750-7355. That’s (757) 720-SELL, S-E-L-L, or 7355. You can also reach us at our website, That’s the letters E-Z, breezy, B-R-E-E-Z-Y,

Fill out a form there, and we’ll be with you right away. We’ll set a no-obligation appointment to come out and take a look at the home, make you an offer for cash on the spot. It’ll be a fast, fair offer with no repairs needed, no need to move anything out of the house that you don’t to take with you. Make it very fast, very easy. As I said, we were able to go from start to finish and get the home closed in about 10 days and accomplish the goals that this lady had. So give us a call. We look forward to talking to you soon.

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