Rehab Update Video – Silina – Virginia Beach


Kirk Smith:
Hello. It’s Kirk Smith again with EZ Breezy Home Buyers standing here in front of our home on Silina Avenue in Virginia Beach. We did an initial walkthrough video on this Friday after we purchased it. Just wanted to do a quick update video, kind of like to see what things look like after we cleaned the house out and demoed it. There was quite a bit in there to clean out. We went and used up, I believe, four 11 yard dumpsters, and there’s a 20 yard dumpster sitting in front of the house right now that is nearly full. So we’ve taken a lot out of the house. All the demo is done and they’re starting to put tile in and some other things. So I’ll show you that here in just a moment.

If you have a home you’d like to sell, please give us a call, EZ Breezy Home Buyers at 757-720-SELL. That’s 757-720-S-E-L-L or 7355. You can also go to our website at Fill out a simple, quick form there. We’ll get in touch with you right away to come out and take a look at your home. Make you a fast, fair cash on the spot offer. That website will also be in the link below on this video. So let’s step inside and take a look.

All right. A little bit’s been done to the outside of the house. We did paint the eaves and the soffits and the gutters, although the gutters got to be pinned back up. I think we may be saving these gutters, haven’t fully decided yet. But they have been painted. There’ll be another coat of paint put on those, but first coat’s on. So now they’re white instead of brown. The garage door has also been painted, although it’s up so you can’t really see it right now. You can see they’re dry walling the inside of the garage. That wall was unfinished. So that is now being finished and dry walled to complete this garage. We have not done any landscaping yet. As I said, that’ll be one of the biggest projects that we have on this house. But we’ll be working on at least starting on that here pretty soon as well. So let me take you inside.

All right. So you can see it’s been demoed. All the tile that was here on the floor has been removed. Same with the tile in the kitchen. It’s all been removed. The kitchen has been completely demoed. We did do some replumbing. We cleaned up the plumbing that was here and put in PVC. We also cleaned up the plumbing here in the utility room. This was kind of ugly. The drain pipe simply came out of the wall and then come up the wall, so it was exposed. The water lines just came out of the wall. So had the plumber come in and put those in boxes for us. So that looks much, much better. She also ran a water line up and over here for the refrigerator, which has been moved. As you recall, from the initial walkthrough video right here. So the box in there for the water supply, dedicated circuit for the refrigerator. This had two outlets in it. They have been split either direction because the stove will go right here and there’ll be countertop on either side. So I have outlets there, so serve the counters. And so that’s been done.

I also had the electrician put in a dedicated line for the microwave, so that will complete this wall. And then also put a couple of electrical outlets here in the island that will be right above the cabinets. So there’s plenty of outlets here to support this kitchen. So it should be a beautiful kitchen when it’s done. I think I mentioned, maybe I didn’t. But in the initial video, we may not have planned to do this, but we are going to go ahead and open up this wall. We’re not going to take it out completely. We’ll leave a low wall, as you can see where it’s marked. We’re just going to open it up. The hole in there so that you can see from the dining room to the living room to just give it a bigger, more open feel. Still leave a column here in the center. It’s not necessary for support.

This house is all trust. You can remove every wall in the house. If you want to do though. No load-bearing walls, but we do need this wall just for switches. So we’re leave it in there. So that’s that. We also are prewired, electrician prewired for can lighting. So we’ll be putting six inch LED can lights throughout this room as well. So it should be really sharp when it’s done. We’ll also be removing that partial beam there. Again, not necessary for support. Not sure why it was left. We’re going to remove it so this is one continuous ceiling here in the kitchen as well.

And just a quick peek of the bedrooms. Again, nothing spectacular here. Just cleaned out. We’ll have to replace this door. [inaudible 00:04:31] in the bottom. So this door will be replaced. The rest will be saved. So again, you can see this has been demoed, ready for paint. We did go ahead and add a switched electrical outlet in the ceiling of each of the bedrooms for lighting as they didn’t have that. They were strictly switched outlets and we want to bring it up to modern day. So we added switched fixtures in all of the ceilings in the bedrooms that will accommodate ceiling fans. If so desired, and we may very well put ceiling fans in there.

You can see the bathroom is being tiled and so is the master bathroom, so that’s what they’re working on today. It’s putting in tile. Again, you can see all the bedrooms now are pretty much ready for paint. So I’ll be tiling this week. We’ll be getting paint done and drywall done this week. Door knobs and door hinges. We’ll probably go on this week or in the very near future. We’ll be bringing flooring in here soon. Both front door and garage service door will be replaced. So we’ll get you another update video once we move a little further along, but this one’s moving quickly and should progress quickly.

So stay tuned. We’ll keep you up posted as we move forward. Again, keep in mind. If you have a house you’d like to sell, give us a call. 757-720-SELL. If you ever ask yourself, “How do I sell my home fast in Virginia Beach”? Just give EZ Breezy Home Buyers a call. We make the process easy, simple, fast. We buy in any condition. No need to remove anything from the house that you don’t want. And we’ll give you a fast, fair cash on the spot offer.

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