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Kirk Smith:
Hello, this is Kirk Smith with EZ Breezy Home Buyers standing here in front of our latest acquisition. This is a home on Fulcher Street in Suffolk, Virginia. Just recently purchased this from a landlord who was done with the rental business and decided to sell this home, so we purchased it from him for cash. We want to do a quick initial walkthrough here so you can see what the house looks like now and what it will look like as we progress. We’ll do some progression videos as we do on many of our rehabs so you can kind of see what this looks like from start to finish. If you have a home you’d like to sell, our phone number and our website will be in the description below this video. Give us a call. We’ll come out, make a fast, fair, on the spot cash offer for your home, any condition for any reason, and we can also close very quickly.

We also pay referral fees. So if you know someone that has a home that they might like to sell, give us a call or go to our website and fill out the form there. We do pay very handsome referral fees for any homes that are referred to us, so you can do that as well. So let’s take a look inside. All right, so this is the front of the home. We will put a new roof on this home. The windows are in pretty good shape. We’ll just have to replace some glass and fix some screens. The brick’s in very good shape as well, so not a lot to do here on the front of the house. Porch is in good shape. It’ll just be repainted. We’ll landscape everything. There is a driveway here. We’ll probably throw some crush and run in. And then also edge this sidewalk, which is also in pretty decent shape.

So really the front of the home is not a bad looking home. We’ll put some gutters on there and so forth. I’ll take you around the outside as well so you can kind of see what’s going on there. But there’s some fencing that’s in very rough shape as you can see. That’s going to be removed. Siding in general is not in too bad a shape, so we’ll power wash that, repair what needs to be repaired. All the soffits and the fascia boards are in pretty good shape. Very little wood rot, but we’ll fix what’s there. And then we will wrap all of that in maintenance-free vinyl wrap so that it’s a maintenance free home.

This is the backyard. Pretty good-sized backyard. That goes back quite a ways. Again, there’s some fencing over here that’s in very bad shape. The neighbors already asked if we’re going to be removing or replacing that. I let him know for sure that we would, so I’m sure he’ll be happy to see that eye sore gone. So we’ll remove all of this old fencing. Back porch is in good shape. Again, the soffits and all will be wrapped.

Porch will be painted, so the outside of this house won’t need a great deal of attention. Again, we’ll just landscape the yard and should be a nice little house. Let’s take a look inside. All right. Unfortunately we can’t do a lot in this house as far as changing the current floor plan just because of the type of floor plan it is. It’s a shotgun style house, so you can see all the way to the back door. All the rooms come off the central hallway. So this is what looks like when we walk in. All this laminate floor will be coming up. This is a faux brick. It’s just painted on. The tenant actually did that, actually did a pretty nice job, but we’ll be covering all that up with nice new paint.

This is the living room. Pretty good shape. Replace the flooring, paint. Paint all the woodwork. Remove these sliding doors and just leave that open to the hallway. And again, all the windows are vinyl replacement windows, so we’re just going to clean those up. Replace if needed, any glass. There is no plans to replace any of these windows. This is a bedroom here on the left. The baseboard heat will be removed and we will be putting in a central heat and air system in this house. All the doors will be replaced with new slab doors. We’ll put some bi-fold doors here on the closet. It does have a 200 amp electrical panel, so we don’t have to do any upgrade on the electrical in the house, which is certainly a plus.

On down the hall to the right is the first bedroom. So again, this will be painted. We do have some ceiling work to do in here. That ceiling is sagging and bowing, so we’re going to pull down a big chunk of that, I’m sure, and replace that. Again baseboard heating will be removed. It’s got a little closet here. This particular room is starting to separate just a little bit in the corner. That’s because we do have some crawl space issues under this house, just like the last Suffolk house that we did. Significant amount of damage under there. So we’ll be sistering up the majority of the joists under this floor, leveling everything out.

That’ll be the first thing we do before we do anything inside except for the demo. So we’ll keep you posted on that as well. This is the bathroom. This whole thing will be demoed. We may or may not replace that window. I don’t like windows in showers, but since we’re not residing this house, we’ll have to make sure we can match the siding [inaudible 00:05:19]. We may replace or remove that window and just remodel this entire bathroom. Got a nice little pantry right here. We’ll put shelves in that to make it a more functional pantry, but a nice little bathroom.

And then down here on the right, there’s another bedroom. So this would be bedroom number three. And again, we’ll remove the baseboard heat, keep the windows. There’s the closet.

It’s a basic bedroom. And back here in the back is the kitchen. Of course, this will be entirely gutted as well. Put a new kitchen in here. There’ll be cabinets over here on this left side where the piano is. Of course, cabinets in the kitchen over on the right side, probably the same layout we have right now just to keep it simple. The flooring back here is in very bad shape. Most of the subfloor’s in decent shape except right here, this is very soft. I mean, there’s literally a hole underneath this rug. So this subfloor will be pulled up and replaced as well. We’re also going to leave the washer and dryer where it is. However, we are going to build a wall across the front here alongside where the refrigerator goes. Frame that in. Put some bi-fold doors on there to house the water heater and the washer dryer so they’re behind doors and hidden.

So that’s it. Pretty simple rehab on this house. Just a lot of cosmetic work. We’ll replace this back door with a new back door. Front door’s already been replaced, so the plan is to retain that. But it should be a great little house when it’s done. So just keep an eye out. We’re going to be doing some additional videos, update videos as we progress, and then we’ll do a final video. You can see the difference between what we started with and [inaudible 00:07:10].

As I said, we can’t really change the floor plan on this house. There’s really no way to open it up. We always like to open the kitchen up to the living space, but obviously in this house that would be impossible to do without making some major changes, and that doesn’t make sense. So we’re going to leave the floor plan as it is, but I think it’ll be a nice little starter home. This house will sell for right at $200,000, I expect. So it’ll be a great starter home for someone. So check back when you can. We’ll keep you updated on the progress of this house. Again, if you have a home you’d like to sell, reach out, we’d love to talk to you. And we’ll look forward to talking to you soon.

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