Initial Walk Through Video – Celey St – Hampton


Kirk Smith:
Hello. It’s Kirk Smith again with EZ Breezy Home Buyers, standing here in front of our latest acquisition on Celey Street in hot, hot Hampton, Virginia. You can see the home here behind us. This will be our latest rehab. I want to do a quick walkthrough video for you, show you what it looks like before we start. And then we kind of show the process and progress as we go, just like we typically do on many of our rehabs.

If you have a home you’d like to sell, please give us a call at (757) 720-SELL. That’s 720-S-E-L-L, or 7355. Visit us at our website, That link will be in the description below. If you have a home to sell for any reason, any condition, we’ll come out and make you a fast, fair, on the spot cash offer for your home. All you do is reach out to us, either through our website or by giving us a call. We’ll set up an appointment to come out, take a quick look at your home. Any reason you want to sell it.

In this case, we had a tired landlord. This landlord no longer wanted to be a landlord. He’s moving out of the country, I believe, and had a couple of rental properties he needed to get rid of, including this one, so we purchased it. So if you’ve got a rental property that you no longer wish to rent, give us a call. We’d be happy to talk to you about that.

Let me show you what the house looks like on the inside. As I mentioned, we’ve already demoed this house. There’s the dumpster. It’s full, ready for pickup. So you won’t be able to see it exactly as it was when we purchased it, because you’ll get a sense for what it looks like now and what it looks like when it’s done.

All the windows in this house have been replaced, so we won’t be replacing those. They’ve been vinyl wrapped, so we’ll be power washing the house and bringing those back to new condition. All the soffits are in good shape. They’re just dirty, so we’ll be cleaning those. I don’t know about gutters yet. We may just clean those or we may go ahead and replace them. That’s yet to be determined. The brick on the exterior of the house is all in good shape. So not a lot to do on the outside. It will need a new roof, so we’ll put a new roof on it. We’ll either paint or replace all of this railing. I believe we’re going to resurface and paint this porch where we’re putting in a new front door, a new back door as well, I believe.

This is a makeshift garage door. This room’s pretty low inside, so rather than put a garage door back on there, we’re going to go ahead and convert this to living space. The washer and dryer is in there as well. You’ll see when we get on the inside. So the plan is to remove these old wooden doors and frame that in. We’re going to match this brick, brick it in and put two windows in there, same size as the ones up above. So when we’re done, if all goes well, the house will look just like it was built that way. And you’ll never know there was a garage there.

Do a quick walk around on the outside, then we’ll go on in. The house except for the back is all brick. And again, the brick’s in good shape. It does back up against wood, so it’s very private back here. Has a nice deck in the back. This is the back door. It’s in good shape. We’ll probably keep it and just paint it. This aluminum siding is in good shape. So the plan here is to simply paint that siding, bring it back to life. You can hear the HVAC running. We will be putting a new HVAC system in. This one’s pretty old. But as you can see, the back of the house is in good shape, once we paint it, refurbish this deck.

Then we have an outbuilding here that’s going to need a little bit of TLC, but I don’t think a lot. We haven’t been able to get in it yet, but once we do, we’ll get a better sense. Think we’ll power wash that, paint up around the top, and that should be fine. So let me take you on inside.

All right. So there was carpet in his room, obviously carpet’s been removed. That’s the back door that goes out onto the deck. Not sure that we’re going to bother replacing that. I think we’ll probably paint that up as well. It’s a newer door.

This is where the kitchen was. It’s been demoed of course, but kitchen will go right back in here. We haven’t designed a kitchen yet, but I suspect it won’t change much. Refrigerator will probably go here, stove back here, sink here, dishwasher here. I believe that’s probably how we’ll do it. We will probably remove this little wall. This was added on anyway. Open this up, give us a bit more of a dining space and then maybe go ahead and take this wall down to a low wall. We’ll sacrifice some uppers by doing that, but I think we might go ahead and cut it down and then just leave the space over there for the fridge. Put lowers down here. Have a nice area there that looks at over the living room, so give that a bit more open feel.

This area of the house back here is not in too bad a shape. I guess I’ll give you a quick shot of the utility room. This is the water heater in here. We’re going to remove these old washer and dryer static fittings. That’ll all come out. This HVAC, as I mentioned, is going to be replaced. We do have some wet floor down there where we’ve had a leaky pipe, so that’ll be all reinforced before we put the new HVAC in.

This is bedroom number one. Bedrooms are all very similar. Of course, we’ll repaint all of these. Again, they all have vinyl windows, so we’ll just paint all the trim white. They’ve all got standard sliding closets. Be a great little starter home for someone. Bedroom number two. This one’s got two windows in it. A little bit bigger. Again, double closet. We’ll paint all this dark woodwork white, all the walls a base color like we always do. And the third bedroom. This one has a little bit smaller closet. This will make a great nursery, potentially, or a small child’s room. So again, this will all be repainted.

There’s the main bathroom. We’ve already demoed in here, so we’ll put in a tub and our standard tile treatment here. Replumb this to a standard single knob mixer valve diverter system. Obviously, new toilet, sink will go here.

And then this house does have a quote unquote garage, but again, it’s very low and that’s right down here. It’s semi-finished, so our plan is to go ahead and finish it. We’ll take this platform out. Washer and dryer, I think, will still go here. And so that’ll be the space for that. We may go ahead and build in a closet around all of that, so that it’s walled off. I suspect that we’ll do that and then may extend that closet over some, for a little extra storage room down here. And then this will just be a bonus room. So it could be a game room, it could be a media room, it could be any number of things. Back door here’s a little weird, being that it closes on the stairway here, but it functions. So again, kind of a different space, but I believe when it’s finished, it’ll still be a nice little bonus room for somebody. Again, those are the doors just on the outside. Those will be coming out and we will replace that with just a wall and a couple of small windows. So that’s this space.

And then above this is a fourth bedroom. So the previous inhabitants were using this little entry area here as an office, which you could do, but our plan is to open it up, remove that wall right there, so that this is one big space.

We do have a master bath right here. So we’ll put the custom shower base back in, tile all this, then move this plumbing over, so it’s centered in the shower. Obviously get a vanity in a toilet here. So this makes a nice little master bathroom.

And then I said, we remove this wall, opens up this entire space, which gives you a really nice, big master bedroom. And then I think we’ll probably expand the closet to go on across this wall. Not sure exactly how we’re going to lay this out yet, but this should give us more closet space in this room.

So we’ll keep you posted as we move forward, because that’s what it looks like right now. We’ve got some plumbing that we’ve got to do. Little bit of electrical that we’ve got to do. And then the guys will come in and start working their magic and you’ll see this transform. So we’ll keep you posted as we move forward with it.

Again, if you have a home you’d like to sell, please gives a call, drop by our website. We’ll make an appointment to come out and take a look at your home. Give you a fast, fair on the spot cash offer. Close on your timeline. You can sell it to us in any condition. No need to remove anything you don’t want. Anything you don’t want, we’ll remove for you. You just simply sell it to us as is, no repairs needed. None of that. We make it fast. We make it easy, just like our name says, and quick to sell your home. So we look forward to talking to you soon.

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