Garrison Pl rehab update – 2


Kirk Smith:
Hey, this is Kirk Smith again with EZ Breezy Home Buyers. Standing in front of our home on Garrison place in Virginia Beach. This is the house that I’ve done a couple of videos on, both a walkthrough and then kind of an update video. This is another update. The house is getting very near completion. So, I’m going to take a quick walk through to see what we’ve done. If you’ve got a house to sell, please give us a call. You can reach us at 720-SELL, that’s 720-S-E-L-L or 720-7355. Or go to our website That link will be down below in the description. Fill out the form right there, we’ll give you a call and make an appointment to come out and see the house and give you a fast, fair, on the spot cash offer. We’ll buy any home in any condition for any reason. We’ll close fast on your timeline. You pay cash and all you have to just give us a call or go to the website.

So, let me show what we’ve got going here so far. All right, here’s the house on the outside. The first thing you’re going to notice is this yard, this killer yard. You’ll recall that this yard was not good at all. It was a mess. Grass wasn’t even growing. We’ve owned this house now going on two months and never had to cut the grass because it wasn’t growing. This is all new side and it’s taking very, very well. So, really, really loving front yard, put some nice mulch around the trees, around the plants, out some nice mulch around the house in the mulch beds. You may remember over here on the side of the house again, there was absolutely no grass growing. We now have a beautiful side.

You can also see we remove the chain link fence around the entire back of the house. And again, right across at the end of that sideline there we’re going to put a nice privacy fence. The whole house has been cited, I believe the previous video I did show that. But again, you can see the mulch beds. Of course, we’ve got leaves in it already, so I can take all that out before we sell it. But looking really great. Got to put a garage door on yet. Let’s take a walk inside. All right. As we walk inside, you can see all the flooring is down. Beautiful luxury vinyl flooring through the entire house. Again, no seams, no transitions. Those of you who watched our videos before know that we’d like to have one continuous floor throughout the entire house. It’s a really nice clean look. You can see the kitchen’s been installed. Nice, slightly off white shaker cabinets with a nice crown mold while we’re on the top. We’ve got all the lighting in now. Granite is in, just waiting on the appliances. Beautiful kitchen.

Back here’s the utility room. Very nice large utility room, washer, dryer will go here on the left. You remember we upgraded the panel to 200 amps. So, that’s done. Plenty of room over here for some shelving, for some cabinets. Whatever someone would like to do, this is a really nice laundry room right off the kitchen. We’ve got the garage all painted. Nice white ceilings, walls, everything we’re going to end up when we’re done putting a nice Epoxy over all the floor, along with flex. You’ve probably seen those flex floors that they can do in garages, we’re going to do that here as well. So, she gives us a really nice finished look in the garage. And then we’ve done a nice, really nice treatment in the dining room to give it a more formal look. So, we’ve treated the bottom with picture frame trim and then crown mold on the top. So, it gives this dining area or really, really nice look. Everything in the bottom is all smooth coated, where the upper is textured. You can see the nice light fixture there.

Both this window, the kitchen window, and the bedroom window in the back are all going to be trimmed out, possibly even that utility room window back there. Not sure yet, but once the new windows get in, we’re going to trim that out with some casing all the way around it, so that it looks just like these windows. And again, give it a little bit more kind of a high class finished look. All right. Down the hallway. I mentioned, we’ve got all the lighting in, so we’ve got nice lights here in the hallway now ceiling. Fans in all the rooms. These bedrooms are essentially done now, except for the windows. Again, just waiting on those. Closets are finished. All painted` nice bright white. Doors are all painted. Door knobs are back on. Here’s the bathroom, again doors painted, door knobs are back on. You remember the shower, just got to get the fixtures on there, clean that tub up. Got the toilet set now back here, will be a 24 inch vanity going right here.

But again, the bathroom window, maybe I will get a wood treatment as well. Again, it may not, not sure yet. But again, waiting on windows. Windows should be here any day we hope, but with the way things have been delayed it’s possible we could be waiting another three weeks or so. As soon as the windows come in, we’ll have everything else done. Windows will be put in and then the house will immediately go on the market. Largest of the three bedrooms. Again, the same ceiling fan in here. All the outlets are in. All the covers are on. All the flooring’s down. We’ve got the bypass doors in place. Everything’s painted. All that’s painted nice and white. Everything is ready to go.

And finally, here in the master bedroom. Again, this window will get some casing treatment. All the flooring is done. Trim is down, a little bit of caulking to do on the trim but pretty much done. Doorknobs doors. Nice big walk-in closet here you’ll recall. Still got to put the light in up here, there’ll be a light with a pole chain so, that you can like this out but nice and white, bright. Show it all the way around. Master bathroom. Again, the toilet’s set, this little bathroom is tight but it’s functional. So, the toilet is set. Just got to clean out the shower. We do have the handle launching to see what that’s going to look like. Just got to replace the shower head on top and clean that all off real good.

So, that’s it. It’s coming along. So. I just want to give you a quick update. Again, should have a finished up as soon as the windows come in. Once that’s done, we’ll give you a final video walkthrough and you can see what the house is going to look like when we’re ready to sell it. And again, if you have a home you’d like to sell, just give us a call. Again, 720-SELL, S-E-L-L. 720-7355 or go to www. Fill out the form, we’ll come out and see you and give you a fast, fair, cash offer on the spot.

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