Garrison Pl – Final Walk Through


Kirk Smith:
Hello, Kirk Smith here again with EZ Breezy Home Buyers. I’m standing in front of our home in Virginia Beach on Garrison street. Those of you who have been watching some of our previous videos probably saw the walkthrough video for this one and a couple of updates. It is now finished. It was actually listed on the market three days ago, on Friday. I’m a little late getting this video done, so the house is already sold. We have a contract on it today, and so we have it sold.

So I just want to do a quick walkthrough and let you see the finished product, see what it looked like. You can see the outside here. It come out really, really nice. I know those of you who are watching the update videos have already seen a lot of this, but let me just take you through it from start to finish. Again, if you have a home to sell, you can call us at 757-720-SELL, 720-SELL. That’s 720-7355. Or visit our website at That link will be in the comments below. Just give us a click and you’ll have a form to fill out. We’ll come out and give you a fast, fair, no obligation as is cash offer on the spot. And we’ll buy any house in any condition. Again, just give us a call or give us a click.

And let me take you through this one. All right, first thing you notice is the yard. I don’t remember if this was done in our last update video, but this house had no grass. One of the neighbors came over after we were finished and said that this house hasn’t had grass in 20 years. So we put down some nice new sod. It took very nicely and give us a really nice, beautiful lush green grass. As you can see, obviously there’s a lot of leaves still down. We’ve took 50 bagfuls of leaves from the backyard and mulched up the front yard and put those in seven bags just to clean up the leaves that have fallen from all of these trees. But the yard come out really nice.

I think I showed the landscaping in a previous video. We did put some black shutters up. Obviously, the windows are now in, which weren’t in before. So we have nice new windows, all vinyl wrapped. We just cleaned the roof. So it looks really good now. We also painted the front porch. Or not paint. We used a concrete stain to stain the front porch to give it a little color. We had leveled that out. You may recall from previous videos that there was a step down from the sidewalk to the porch. That was a trip hazard. So we raised the porch by filling it in with some additional concrete, smoothed it out, and then, it’s hard to see from the sun, but stained it a nice gray color. Put the mailbox back up. Put a new garage door on. You recall the original garage door was the old style one piece flip-up garage door. We put a standard garage door on there. Of course, all new gutters. I’ll take you around back here in just a moment as well.

But let’s go inside and take a look. All right, this is the finished product. Obviously, living room here. You remember, we tore down a big old nasty brick wall right across the front of where the kitchen is. Added the island. Other than that, the kitchen is the same layout, just new cabinets, new appliances. Nice, pretty granite countertops. Nice island. So we’ve made a really nice open concept floor plan. Dining room right over here. Have a light there that will go above the table. Out of the box treatments to the wainscoting. Gave it a little touch of class. Put some crown mold up there. Again, I think all of this was on the last update video, but this is after everything’s touched up and finalized. Come out really nice.

And down the hallway, this is the main bath. Again, I think this was shown in the last video. All the tile work. Got the vanities in, the toilet’s in. Mirror, lights, new windows we discussed. We did have a little bit of an issue with this window. The contractor mismeasured, and so he ordered a window that was smaller than the opening. So we had to fill that in both inside and outside, fill in the siding. But you would never know. You would never know, except that the window is no longer centered on the wall and a little bit smaller, but it come out just fine.

And then the bedroom number one, right across the hall. Ceiling fan in every room. Same vinyl flooring throughout the entire house, luxury vinyl waterproof flooring. Nice closet in this room. And then there’s a pantry here for the main bath. Again, I think a lot of this has been seen in previous videos. You recall this room was originally all paneled and dark paneling. We removed the paneling, put up new drywall, retextured everything. Put in bypass doors for that closet. Nice large bedroom here.

Master bedroom here in the back. Again, windows have been replaced. Same flooring throughout. Nice large closet. I’ll just zoom out a little bit so you can get a better look. Got a pull chain in here to get some nice light in the closet. So, it’s a walk-in. Then the master bath. Very tight little master bath, but it works fine. New sink, new toilet, beautifully tiled shower. It came out really, really nice. Very happy with this one.

And again, we sold it very quickly. It went on the market Friday. Pictures actually didn’t hit until Monday. There was a little snafu getting the pictures up, and then interest really ramped up. This morning, I guess, is when the pictures hit, but we had multiple offers and we’ll be ratifying a contract here in just an hour or so. So this one’s sold. Also got a little pantry here for the kitchen. Really nice layout in this home. This home will make somebody a very nice little home. I think the buyers are first time home buyers. They have a family, a daughter, and a baby on the way. So we’re excited to create a nice home for a nice family.

This is the utility room. Of course, 200 amp service we upgraded to. Washer and dryer goes here. Didn’t do anything on the walls as far as shelving or cabinets, because we want to leave that for the new owners. I’m sure if I were moving in here, I’d probably put some cabinets all around the top there for storage. Beautiful laundry room. This garage come out phenomenally. We painted the garage, put up the new door and did a epoxy coating on the floor with the flex. Really, really came out nice. This is just a phenomenal, clean one and a half car garage. Just come up beautiful.

Put it in a new AC, as you may recall from previous videos. So they put a new coil in here and replaced and wrapped all the duct work going up. Also replaced all of this right here, the duct work, the vent work, because there was a hole that you couldn’t even see. It was all around the back where we discovered it. So we went ahead and replaced all that with double walls. So completely up to code and safe. So, really come out well.

So we’ll take just a moment to look at the back. Again, those of you who have watched previous videos have seen most of this, but we finally got it all cleaned up. So a nice big patio out here for the grill or whatever. We did move the AC unit off of the concrete to give a little bit more space here. So it got moved over onto the grass. We did sell the outbuilding as is. We put the doors back on it, but we didn’t do any repairs to it. So it was listed as is, and that’s the way we sold it.

The only thing that hasn’t been done is I and M, or not I and M, Dominion has never come and updated this wire. They finally did come and tack it back up to the house so that it wasn’t lying on the ground anymore. But this wire needs to be replaced with a new heavier wire suitable for 200 amp service. They’re supposed to be out today to finish it. They were supposed to be here Friday. They didn’t show. But they’re supposed to be here today, so let’s hope they are. And then they’ll be putting a new meter in this meter box that we have here and getting rid of this old one. So all that’ll be cleaned up after today.

We also put some privacy fences in. So we have a privacy fence here on this side with a gate. We also put a privacy fence back in the corner. Took down all the chain link fence that was here so that you have privacy fence all around the backyard. It just looks a lot nicer. And then we also put a new privacy fence over here on this side. So from the front of the house, you see two new privacy fence panels. So it just really come out nice. Really, really good looking home. Very excited to have this one finished.

So again, if you have a home you’d like to sell, give us a call 757-720-SELL, that’s 7355. Or hit us up on our website, Again, that’ll be in the comments down below. We just purchased another house not too far from here that I’m going to next. So I’ll be doing a video of that one as well, a walkthrough so you can see what our next project will be.

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