Forest Glen -Virginia Beach – Initial Walk- Through Video


Kirk Smith:
Hello, this is Kirk Smith again with EZ Breezy Home Buyers and just wanted to do a quick walkthrough video. This is our latest acquisition in Virginia Beach. We call it Forest Glen. It’s in… It’s on Forest Glen drive, and just wanted to do a quick walkthrough. We haven’t done anything to this house yet. Just getting ready to do the demo tomorrow. So before we did that, I thought I’d just take you a walk through. This is one that we’ll do some update videos on, so you can kind of see the progress as it goes for those who like to watch that.

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So let’s take a look, as you can see, it’s not a bad looking home on the outside. It’s a brick front white vinyl siding. The siding is in pretty good shape. So we’re going to power wash that, power wash all of the vinyl wrap. I think we can save all of that. Obviously we’ll replace the garage door. The house definitely needs a new roof. Roof’s in very poor condition. So we’ll have that done put up new gutters, obviously trim up the landscaping.

We’re going to replace most all the windows except for this bay window right here. We’ll take that window and save it. But all the other windows will be replaced. Have to put up new shutters. The usual stuff should be a good looking house once we’re finished on the outside. So let’s take a walk inside.

This might be one of the worst houses that we purchased. Definitely rough condition. It sat empty for a little over a year. So this is the entryway. This is the living room. And as you can see, everything was just left behind. So anything that’s not wanted, it stays. And then we will dispose off all of that. Now we haven’t completely settled on the floor plan for this house, but I believe this wall here and this kind of hallway entry is going to remain unchanged, but this living room wall right here in front of us, between what was the living room and the dining room is going to come down. So all of this should be coming out, making this one continuous open room.

We also plan to remove this back wall all the way across to here. We are going to leave a low wall here because there will be a countertop there and an area for bar stools and then cabinets on the other side of that wall, which I’ll show you here in just a minute.

So that’s going to open this whole thing up from this room all the way to the room behind. There’s a very large room behind too. This house actually has a tremendous amount of square footage. So it’ll be a very open space when we’re done. There’s some debate on whether or not to leave a low wall here. I don’t think that’s the way it’s going to happen. I think we’ll end up taking the whole wall out. We’ll probably put a couple of columns, decorative columns here, right, right down on here and then right down here. But all the rest of this will be opened up except for the little wall that we’ll leave here for the countertop.

Our plan is to actually put the beam up in the attic. So as long as these roofs, the ceiling lines between these two rooms line up and I believe they do, then we’ll finish this ceiling and this will be one continuous ceiling.

You’ll never really know that it wasn’t built this way. So very excited to see how this one’s… How this one looks when it comes out. This is the room behind, again, as you can see a very large room, this could be used for a dining room. It could be used for a pool table. There’s any number of things you could do back here. But again, this is the wall that’s being removed. Likely there’ll be a couple of columns, one here, one right down there. And then this wall be open from this wall here, all the way over to that wall there. We’re also going to cut this wall back slightly and I’ll show you why, when we get into the kitchen. This window is going to be removed and we’re going to put either a sliding door or a French door. It’s probably a sliding door right there because that walks right out onto this back patio, which we may just lay pavers on top of. And so that’ll be a nice door out to that back patio. This is the kitchen.

As you can see, the house is left in extremely poor condition. We have a pretty serious wrap problem here too. So hopefully they’ll go with all the contents. Refrigerator will probably stay right there. Sink will stay there. Stove will stay here. The reason we’re going to cut this wall back to about here to leave a 15 inch probably drawer base to the left of the stove is because we’re going to go ahead and wrap cabinets around this wall here, lowers and uppers. And then again, there’ll be a low wall here. This will be removed up above and then we’ll have countertops and cabinets here. So in order to keep this walkway from being too narrow right here, we’re going to cut this wall back just to open this up a little bit more. Remember everything in front of us is going to be gone except for a post. So you’ll have a sight line from the wind… From that door entryway into the living room over there all the way into the kitchen.

So should be beautiful when it’s finished. This is utility room here. The house has been upgraded to 200 amp service. So we’ll have a lot of electrical to do, except for just moving outlets and switches and things like that. Washer and dryer will stay here in this room. Checked the water heaters a little bit newer so we won’t have to replace that. We will have to replace this back door. This is a service door for the garage, which is dark. So it’s going to be hard to see, but we’ll clear this garage out and clean this up. It’s a single car garage.

And then this house is four bedrooms and two baths. So not only do you have all this main living space, but four nice sized bedrooms and two baths. So it’s going to be a beautiful home when it’s finished. This is a… Just an entry closet here. So this will be here for co-closet and storage. This is the first bedroom here on the left. This is the master bedroom. It actually has two closets that has a closet right here, very, very large room, but it also has a pretty good size little walk-in closet back here in this corner. So you can see that goes pretty deep. So there’s two nice closets. It is a very small, main bath or master bath, but it’ll still be nice. We’ll put a new bandit in there, new toilet, completely redo this shower with, the treatment that you’ve seen us do in other homes.

And so this will be a beautiful little master, not actually a little pretty good size master bedroom. When we are done.

This bedroom number two, and it’s got a standard closet here. Got to put some closet doors on there and then we’ve got a pantry or a linen closet if you will, for the bathroom right here. And this is the main bath, it’s got a good size, main bath room there for a nice large vanity to toilet, tub. Obviously all this tile will come out and all this will be redone. This bedroom number three, smallest of the three bedrooms, like a great little nursery or something. Good size closet, again, kind of a walk in. So all this closets in this house are pretty large.

Another closet here for storage at the end of the hallway, and then a fourth bedroom. And again, this fourth bedroom has a good size walk-in closet. Also, has an attic access in here. So this is really nice home. It’s going to be a fantastic home for a good sized family. Obviously all the flooring will be removed. We’ll do what we always do. We’ll put one continuous floor through the entire house, continuous luxury vinyl floor. So this is Forrest Glen, keep watching the channel and you’ll see, as we go forward, how this house progresses, they’re going to demo it here in the next few days. So in a couple weeks, I’ll come back in here and let you see what looks like once it’s been demoed and give you a sense for how it progresses.

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