Forest Glen Rehab – Virginia Beach – update


Kirk Smith:
Hello again, it’s Kirk Smith with Easy Breezy Home Buyers, standing in front of our current rehab in Virginia Beach on Forest Glen. And I’m going to do another update video. We’ve got some work done inside, and I want to show you what that looks like. We also replaced the roof. So, we’ll talk about that in a moment.

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We are also accredited by the better business bureau. So you can go there and look us up as well. And we have a five star Google rating. So, we have an excellent reputation. We always do what we say we’re going to do. So, give us a call. We’d love to talk to you about your home. So let’s take a look inside.

All right. First of all, we’ve replaced the roof. So, nice brand new roof on this home makes a tremendous difference already. So, that has been completed. I thought someone was going to power wash the house yesterday, but it doesn’t look like that’s been done. So, that’ll be the next thing we’re going to do out here, is get this house power washed and get everything, all the white cleaned up.

But the really exciting stuff’s on the inside. So, if you’ve seen our walkthrough video or our initial video after the demo, you’ll remember that this wall was being removed. It has been removed. Completely gone. Two posts have been installed. We have a low little knee wall there, just to create a little decorative accent. And so, we’ve also got some drywall done. So they started drywalling the ceiling, drywalling the walls, touching up all the spots, getting everything ready for paint.

As you can see, it’s really opened things up. This whole main area will have can lighting, including the dining area there in the back. You can see we’ve opened up the kitchen. You remember we cut this wall right here back, to give us more open into the kitchen. We left this low wall here for kitchen cabinets and then a countertop that’s going to hang over to create some opportunities for bar stools. So, that’s been done.

Moved a lot of electrical. All of the switches and outlets have been dropped into this post, both sides, and also the post on the other side. So, all that electrical has been completed. Well, the wire’s been dropped. The final connection’s being made here soon. So, that has been done. We also relocated the microwave over here, stove over here, out of a couple of outlets here, to go above the counter. Put another switch in here for the light in the kitchen. There wasn’t one before. It was just located over here on this wall that we removed. So, now we’re going to have one in that post, as well as here to operate the kitchen light.

And then we also moved the refrigerator. So, there’s a dedicated refrigerator circuit right here where this fridge is going to go. So, all that wiring’s been done. You can see that we’ve got a box here for the washer and dryer. So, this space has been drywalled, and it’s looking much, much better. Also, got all the drywall in the garage. So, this was just all open prior. So, that’s all been drywalled, and we’ve touched up all the drywall on this side as well. So, getting this ready for paint. Obviously we’ll be putting a door in there. But you can really kind of get a sense for what it’s going to look like and kind of how it’s going to feel in here. Definitely much, much more open than what we had before.

Again, drywall guy’s been busy. We have not yet drywalled this bathroom, other than this main area here, because we’re still waiting on the shower base. That’s a 54 inch shower base. So, I had to order that. Nobody stocks it. And the first one came in the wrong color, black instead of white, and so I had to reorder. So, it should be here Thursday. We’ll get that set, and then they’ll get this area finished.

Again, drywall and all the bedrooms are done now, so we’re definitely getting close to being ready to match texture and have this house ready to paint. This is the main bath. Much darker in here than it was because, as you recall, there was a window there. That window has been removed. We’ve got all of these cement board up. So, this area is now ready for tile. So, that will be going in soon. And they’ve redrywalled all of this bathroom. So, you can kind of get a sense for what that’s going to look like.

Again, another bedroom here. We got this bedroom. This is the window that we removed. So, it’s coming along. They’ve done a lot of work in here since our last video. So, the next thing we’ll be doing here soon is putting up tile, putting up new doors, painting and getting ready for flooring. So, this one’s moving along quite quickly.

So, that’s the update. I’ll keep you posted as we move along. Again, if you have a home you’d like to sell, give us a call 720-7355, or Fill out the information form that comes up there. We’ll get in touch with you right away. We’d love to talk to you about your home, and we’ll keep you posted as soon as have another update.

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