Forest Glen Rehab – Virginia Beach – Update 3


Kirk Smith:
It’s Kirk Smith again, here at EZ Breezy Home Buyers, standing in front of our home on Forest Glen. Just want to do a quick update video, quite a bit has been done inside. So I’ll take you in here in just a moment, let you have a look around.

Again, if you have a home you’d like to sell, please give us a call at 757-720-SELL. That’s 757-720-7355, or visit our website at, that is in the link below this video. Click on there, fill out the form. We’ll give you a shout, set up a time to come by, take a look at the home, and give you a fast, fair, on the spot cash offer, as is. No repairs needed. Don’t even have to take anything out of the house if you don’t want. So we’ll make it very easy, very fast, and you can give us a call, 757-720-7355, that’s 720-SELL. Let’s take a look inside.

All right. I think I shared in the last video, we got the roof done, so I haven’t got anything else on the outside yet, but we’ll be knocking that out here soon, but the inside is coming along quite nicely. So all the drywall has been done and the paint color has been put on. We’ll do a nice beige color in this house.

So you can see how it looks now with everything opened up, got the two posts, got all the ceilings swirl to match. Everything’s been painted. It’s really coming along nicely. We also have the sliding glass doors in, in the back, so you can see what those look like. Those lead right out to the patio, which we’ll eventually be putting pavers, so it’s really coming along nicely.

Kitchen’s all trimmed out and painted, pretty much ready for cabinets. Those have been ordered, but they’re still about three weeks out. So we’ll get those, probably one of the last things to be put in. Windows have also come in, those are being delivered tomorrow morning. So we’ll get all these windows changed out by the next time you see it.

Even got the garage all painted, just have to put a new garage door on. It’s really coming out nice. Also got all the doors replaced. And here’s a good look at the tile, did a little bit different tile. It’s actually the same tile as the last two houses we’ve done, just a different color. The tile is lighter, with a darker accent, but I really like it with these beige walls. So I think it’s going to be very nice. They’re actually working on the other shower right now, as we speak, so this bathroom will be really put together very soon.

So that’s about it for now. Just wanted to show you what we’ve got going on. Like I said, all the doors have been installed, everything’s been painted. They’re painting the trim now, doing some caulking, so it’s some finish up on that, but this house is coming along quickly. It should be done soon.

So again, if you have a home you’d like to sell, just give us a call 757-720-SELL, 720-7355, or go to, fill out the form, and we’ll look forward to talking to you soon.

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