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Kirk Smith:
Hello, this Kirk Smith again with EZ Breezy Home Buyers. Standing in front of our home on Silina Drive in Virginia Beach. This is one that we have been posting the rehab on and today is the final walkthrough. This home is completed and ready to sell so I’m going to do a final walkthrough just to let y’all have a look at the transformation. So look, if you have a home you’d like to sell, please give us a call. You can reach EZ Breezy Home Buyers at 757-720-SELL, S-E-L-L. That’s 720-7355. Or visit our website at That link will be in the description below. Can fill out a simple form there, and we’ll get in touch with you quickly. Get an appointment set to come by and see your home and give you a fast, fair on the spot cash offer. We buy homes in any condition for any reason.

If you have a home that you’d like to sell, especially if it’s a burden to you or something that needs to happen quickly, or maybe you need to close on your timeline, perhaps you’ve got another home you’d like to buy, or you’re looking to buy a new home, but you don’t want to sell your home before you find another home so that you don’t find yourself in a situation where you have no home to go to. We see that all the time. Give us a call. We’ll make you again, a fast, fair cash on the spot offer for your home. And we’ll close on your timeline. When you find your new home and you’re ready to close on that one, we’ll close on yours. We can coordinate everything to happen all seamlessly. Again, we make it fast and easy. That’s why our name is EZ Breezy Home Buyers.

You’ll find us A+ rated on the Better Business Bureau. We have a five star Google rating with stellar Google reviews. We invite you to log on and take a look. Integrity is what we’re all about. We want to bring integrity to the industry, and we also like to build or remodel and sell quality homes to families and upgrade the neighborhood at the same time. And that’s what we’re going to show you right now. Just to give you a quick look at the house that we just finished. Again, if you’ve been watching our videos up till now, you’ll know that this house was extremely overgrown in the front, needed quite a bit of work and it really come out nicely. So let’s take a look.

Here’s the outside. As you can see, quite a dramatic improvement. All the overgrowth is cut down and we’ve done some nice landscaping here in the front yard. Little patio, paver patio, you may remember that from previous updates that we installed there, put a nice rock garden in the middle with some plants. Replaced all the landscaping over in this area of the house. Of course the house has a new roof. Whole thing was power washed to clean it up. Really come out nice. Went ahead and mulched alongside of the walkway here too, which goes to the backyard.

While I’m out here, let me just go ahead and give you another shot of the backyard. And the whole house was power washed, which really cleaned up the vinyl siding. This building back here is just a phenomenal storage building. It was extremely dirty though. So a good power washing cleaned that up as well. This building is not very old. This is like brand new inside. So a really nice storage building back here with some loft storage, really, really nice condition. Be a nice storage building for someone. Of course, this little storage building over here was repaired and repainted. So it looks nice now.

We took down the chain link fence that ran along this privacy fence and cut out all of that overgrowth tree growth and stumps that were all grown into the fence line. Cleaned all that up. Left the chain link fence back here so you got a good clear view of the water. There is a nice little waterway that runs behind this house so really creates a pretty view. And then the back of the house.

So a tremendous transformation, especially on the outside of the house. As I indicated in our initial video, one of our biggest expenses was going to be cleaning up the yard and all the overgrowth in this yard and that did prove to be true, but really happy with how it came out. Let’s take a look inside.

All right, shutters and the door were all painted a very dark brown. They almost look black, but they’re a very dark brown color. And here we go. We put these nice aluminum anodized LED lights throughout all the bedrooms and the hallway. And this is the space once we got it all opened up. So you can see, we have canned lights here in the ceiling in this space, along with a fan and a fan light. We also put new crown mold up in this room. This gives it a nice, a little added sophistication. And the kitchen just come out beautiful. Course we got the dining area here. Went with our dark cabinets again, same granite we’ve used in our last few rehabs. All new stainless steel appliances. Nice pantry right here in the corner. So there’s plenty of room, plenty of storage in this kitchen.

There’s the dishwasher, sink. Nice peninsula here with lots of cabinetry, plenty of drawers. Got a full drawer stack here to the right of the oven. Then of course areas of room here for several bar stools. Really come out nice. Did a nice white backsplash as well. So really, really excited about this kitchen.

This is laundry room here, it’s got a fairly new water heater in it. We replumbed and cleaned this area up. You may remember from the initial video that the standpipe was actually coming out of the wall and the pipe or the supply lines were just coming straight out of the wall. Just didn’t look good. So we cleaned that up, added a nice one way vent for the dryer. That keeps cold drafty air from coming in. So just cleaned this whole area up to make a really nice utility room. And of course, there’s plenty of room over here too for another pantry or some shelving or all kinds of space here, maybe a table for folding clothes.

Garage came out really nice as well. Got this all cleaned up. Got the garage door working. One of the mysteries of this house was when we bought it was why they didn’t adjust the top of this door to close tight against the bulkhead here. At the top, it kind of stuck back a little bit. Wasn’t sure why that happened so I adjusted it so it was correct. And lo and behold, when I went to raise the door, it hit the bulkhead and then I realized that’s why they did that.

So what happened was we didn’t have enough clearance to clear this bulkhead. So we ordered a low overhead track, which is that additional track you see on top there, which allows the door to open straight back and clear, just six inches of headroom. And so now the door works perfectly. That was something that we added as well. Of course, there is a garage door opener that was already here. That’s now fully functioning and everything works great. [inaudible 00:07:54]. So a very nice garage here for the new homeowner.

All right, let’s take a look at the bedrooms. All right, looks like they’re here to take pictures so they’re getting ready to do that. Get the house listed. Here is bedroom number one. Put carpet in all the bedrooms. I know we don’t always do that, but sometimes we go that route. We chose to do that here. Of course, all the bedrooms have closets very similar to this. All the doors in this house have been replaced. Well, that’s not true. Many of them are already six panel doors, but some of them were replaced. They were all refurbished and repainted.

Another bedroom, two nice windows in here. Very similar closet to what you just saw. That’s bedroom number two, same carpet. And here is the main bath. Put a nice long mirror and light above. The same vanities we’ve used in past homes. It’s a 30 inch vanity in the center and then small drawers on the side, giving you a nice little vanity area. Custom shower of course with a light and a vent fan right in it.

Now there are three closets in this house. There’s this pantry, or not pantry, but linen closet right here across from the bathroom. And then there are two other closets I’ll show you on the way back out. And then of course here is the master bedroom with a nice walk-in closet here in the corner. Got a nice ceiling fan in here. And of course the master bath. This is a 24 inch vanity that matches the main bath. Same mirror, similar light fixture, and the same tile treatment we always do in all the bathrooms, again, with a vent fan and the light right here above it.

And then as I mentioned, there are two more closets. The one that you saw here, there’s an entry closet right here, or I guess a storage closet and then another entry closet right here. So plenty of storage space in this home.

So this house will be going on the market in the next few days. Be listed with the MLS service, and we expect it to sell quickly as all of our homes have done. So again, if you have a home you’d like to sell, just give us a call at 757-720-SELL. That’s 720-S-E-L-L or 720- 7355, or visit our website at Fill out the form there. And we look forward to talking to you.

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