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Hello, this is Kirk Smith with EZ Breezy Home Buyers standing here in front of our most recent home that’s going on the market that’s recently been rehabbed. This is our Arizona property in Suffolk. We’ve done a couple of videos, a walkthrough, and an update video or two on this home. It is now complete and on the market. You can see the sign there behind me. This home will be hitting the MLS today. So in usual form, I want to take you through this final walkthrough so you can kind of see how this house has progressed, what it looked like when we started, and what it looks like now. Very excited to show you this one. Very excited to see this one done myself. As you recall, this one needed a significant amount of work, probably one of the most complete and largest rehabs that we’ve done, nearly a full gut. But this house has come out really, really nice. We’re very excited to see a new family move into this house. So we’ll take you a quick walkthrough.

If you have a home you’d like to say, give us a call at 720-SELL. That’s 757-720-SELL, or 7355. Or you can visit our website, There’ll be a link to that in the description below. And if you know somebody that would be interested in selling a home, we can certainly pay a referral fee. We’ll pay very attractive referral fees to referrals that we receive as part of our marketing budget. So you can also fill out a form on our website. Just click on the contact us link and then fill out the form there and let us know that you have a referral. We’ll take care of the rest. If we get that home purchase, we’ll pay a very handsome referral fee anywhere from $500 or significantly higher just depending on the house that we buy.

So let me show you what we’ve done. All right. This is the outside of the house. You’ll recall there’s a pretty good sized drainage ditch here. So we added this nice little foot bridge, moved the mailbox from that spot over there to that spot so the new homeowner can walk right out the driveway across that bridge to grab his mail. So just a nice quaint little touch. We left that brick post there with the light on top. And then this is the front of the house once it’s completed. Love the black door, all the nice white trim. The gutters are up. Obviously we put in new roof on this house. You can see we’ve done a little bit of landscaping, not a ton, but a little bit of landscaping in the original brick flower boxes. Had to do a little bit of repair to some of the brick, but for the most part, once we uncovered them, they were in pretty good shape. So planted some flowers in there and really come out with a nice looking little house.

Do a quick outside walkthrough before we go inside. This is the patio on the side of the house, and we were going to screen this in or maybe put storm doors on it. We decided to just leave it open. It’s all wrapped in maintenance-free vinyl, but this way the homeowner can do what they like, either put storm doors up or storm… excuse me, storm windows up and a storm screen door, or just simply screen it in or leave it open. You remember there was an opening in the brick. We were going to brick that in, but you never get the brick to match perfectly.

And since this is a higher profile side of the house, we decided instead to build this little niche in here, which I think come out really nice. That’s where the original window air conditioner was built in. So just a place to put some plants or set your coffee in the morning when you’re out here having coffee. So I really like the way that come out. That’s a really, really nice little porch there. Power washed the house, of course. See this door has also been painted black. We repainted the black railings, so they look nice and clean again. Again, had the whole house power wash so that just has a nice look. And then you’ll recall, the new HVAC in this house, package unit. So it does a nice job of heating and cooling. And of course, there’s a nice little out building here.

We power washed this building. This is a 12 by 24, I believe. It was the dimensions outside building that’s got carpet inside as well as electrical outlets and lighting. And it is hooked to power. We power washed this too. I mean, the building’s not very old, but you can tell. Looks like a brand new building. So this will be a tremendous asset, I think, to whoever buys this home. A lot of nice storage. Could be a she shed or a man cave, a number of things you can do with that one. So yeah, really, really pleased with how this house came out. So let me take you all inside and you can see what we’ve done.

All right. Here it is. Really love this floor. It’s a beautiful color, matches and complements the wall color very nicely. So this is the living room space. As you can recall, we opened up that wall across here. There was also a wall that went straight back there. So we took all those walls out, opened up this space. It really gave a nice living area. And then we added this wall here. It used to not be there. The wall actually went further back. It started back there. So we built forward and back in order to put in the utility room right here. This is the master bedroom. So this utility room is right off the master bedroom. Great place for it. And it also houses the brand-new electric water heater. So this is space for the washer and dryer.

And then beautiful kitchen, granite countertops, nice white shaker-style cabinets. And then as you recall, if you’ve seen our previous videos on this house, we made this basically a pantry for the kitchen. So there’s the door that comes off the side of the house, and then what we’ve done is put a nice matching pantry back here. So plenty of space for pots and pans and food and everything that this kitchen needs. Here’s the view from the kitchen.

And we’ll take you quickly back here to the bedrooms. We put the cold air return right here, nice central place in the house. It did require us to build a chase in here in this entry closet, but this is just an entry coat closet, so that will be no problem. Here’s the largest of the two bedrooms on this end of the house. As you recall from the original video, this closet was compressed because they had built a wall back and put the fuel oil furnace in here. So we moved that wall back where it belonged, gave us back a closet, nice little closet for this bedroom, and then made this into a linen closet, which will support this hall bathroom.

Here’s the smaller of the two bedrooms back here. So a great little bedroom for a young child or even a nursery. Similar size closet here. We added some outlets to both of these bedrooms. This outlet and that outlet weren’t there. These older houses only had two outlets, so we added two outlets to those extra walls. Same thing in here. This bedroom had an outlet here and an outlet here. So we added one there and also right here, so that every wall has an outlet. This is the main bath. Nice tub surround in there. Same vanity we’ve used in many of our houses. Nice chrome fixtures. So very, very functional hall bath.

And then back here is the master suite. Can light here in the hallway with a two-way switch from this end, and also the other end of the hall. And a master bath. Master bath is small, but as you recall, it was even smaller. Originally there was a wall. This wall continued all the way across and this was just a half bath. So we bumped that wall back into that space where you saw the pantry earlier and gave this a shower. So this is now a full master bath. Same vanity as the other bathroom. It’s a really, really nice little space right here in this hallway.

And then we also took part of the main closet, which you’ll see here in a moment, for this bedroom. And again, made another little linen closet here to support the bathroom. And this is a very large master. Plenty of space back here. Nice ceiling fan. And then a very large closet. This closet, as I said, used to go all the way across. Starts all the way there, goes all the way to there. It used to go all the way further, but we pulled this wall in to make that linen closet you just saw. So really, really nice layout through this house.

So again, if you have a home you’d like to sell, you can give us a call, visit our website. If you know somebody that might have a home they’d like to sell, you can go on our website, click on contact us, fill out the information form there, and just let us know who that person is. We’ll make contact, and if we can get that house purchased, pay you a nice referral fee. So this home, again, goes on the market today, and we hope to have it sold very soon.

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