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Kirk Smith :
Hey, it’s Kirk Smith again here at EZ Breezy Home Buyers, standing in front of one of our latest home purchases. This is in Hampton. We’ve already done a walkthrough video on this, an initial walkthrough video. So, I thought I’d take just a moment today and take you through the inside and kind of let you see where we’re at so far. We’ve started the demo and have a pretty good idea now how we’re going to handle the floor plan in this house. So, if you have a home you’d like to sell, please give us a call at 757-720-SELL, that’s 757-720-7355. Or you can go to our website at www.ezbreezyhomebuyers.com. that link will be in the description below. Fill out a simple form there. We’ll come out, take a look at your home, give you a fast fair on the spot cash offer, close on your timeline.

You don’t need to do any repairs, don’t need to remove anything inside. Just take what you want and leave the rest. We make it easy and fast. So, let me show you what we’ve got going on in this one so far. All right. You recall from the initial walkthrough video, the outside of this house is in really incredibly good shape. Really very little to do out here, a little deck work in the back. A little bit of wrap to repair. As a matter of fact, it looks like guys have already done some of that, if I’m not mistaken because I’m pretty sure there was some wrap that needed fixed there in the back. So. They’ve already done some of that. So, the outside of this house is very, very nice, but the inside needs quite a bit of work. So, let me show you what we’re doing.

All right, so this is what it looks like after we’ve demoed. The demo’s not complete, but we’ll be finishing in here soon. It’s a 100 amp panel, we’re going to upgrade that to a 200 amp. There is where there used to be a wall, you can see where it’s been removed. So, that come out nicely. So, when we’re done, you’ll never know there was a wall there. Non load bearing, so it made it very easy. You can see where the HVAC has started to be put in. The duct work’s already there. They just had to move the cold air return and then of course as you recall, in this corner, used to be the old furnace. So, that was removed and moved up into the attic. So, the air handler is going up in the attic and then we’re adding AC to this house, which it didn’t have before. And so, we’ll be putting a compressor outside. So, this will be one big room, which will make a really nice living space. It’ll be a combination living room, dining room, or whatever you want to do with it.

This is the bedroom here on the left. You recall from the initial walkthrough video, there was a custom built-in closet here, which we removed. You can see there was a door there at one time that was exposed when we removed that closet. So, you may recall from the initial video that our plan is to build a permanent wall back where the front of that closet was. And then this will be closets for both bedrooms along the other side and this one. So, we’ll have an entry to a closet from this side, an entry to a closet from that side. And then this will be closed in and will open up this wall and make a hall closet or an entry closet for, or a coat closet, if you will, from the outside. So, that’ll go right in here somewhere. So, it should be a nice layout. You can see the thermostat’s going to go there. This is bedroom number two. And you’ll recall that we had a closet in this corner, which we removed as well. And I’ll show you here in a moment what we’re going to be doing with this bedroom.

The kitchen is still going to go in the back. Matter of fact, the gentleman who measures for our kitchens just left. So, the kitchen won’t be much different than it is now. This door will be closed off. And again, I’ll show you here in a minute what we’re doing there. But that door is going to be closed off, so that’ll make this kitchen more functional. It’ll start about where it starts now, only there will be a 12-inch deep lower cabinet here, and then it’ll probably angle out and then come on around. So, the sink will still be here, dishwasher will be here, this’ll be lowers, lazy Susan in the corner, uppers all the way around, and the stove will go where it is now, except more to the right. So, it’ll be over in this area. The refrigerator’s going to go against this wall and come out facing this way. So, we’ll build a 32-inch wall here and the refrigerator will come out here. And then we’ll open this space up here and this will be the new entrance into the kitchen.

And then right here where this refrigerator is now will be a coffee bar, essentially. So, I think there’s 28 inches in there. So, we’ll have a 28 inch lower and an upper, and we’ll use the outlet that’s there and that’ll make a nice little coffee bar, if you will. So, that’s the plan for the kitchen. Now this was the third bedroom in this house, which is not very functional and way too small. And this is the only bathroom, which is also not functional and way too small. So, the plan is to demo out this bathroom completely opening up this corner, and then also demo out this closet right here, making this a larger third bedroom. And the bathroom then this wall will come out and I will be standing right here in the center of the new bathroom. So, there’ll be a wall coming out over here. I think I covered this in the initial video as well. There’ll be a wall coming out over here and there’ll be a wall coming out over here. And this will be a five-foot wide, nice deep bathroom.

And the entrance to that bathroom will come right there, right next to that chimney. So, that space right there will be, the entrance. Tub will be back where I’m standing. Vanity and toilet will all be over here on this side. So, it’ll be a nice, deep, pretty sizable bathroom to serve the house. So, now we’ll have three decent sized bedrooms and one nice bathroom that will, the door to that bathroom will essentially be going in right there. And then you’ll still have the door to the bedroom and you’ll still have the door to that bedroom. And so, and then the opening for the kitchen will be moved over here somewhere. So, that’s the plan should make a nice little layout when it’s finished. Going to be a really sharp little three one house. So, we’re excited to see it come together. We’ll keep you updated as we do more, but just wanted to do a quick update video, give everybody chance to kind of visualize what it’s going to look like.

Again, if you have a home of sell, give us a call, 757-720-SELL or 757-720-7355 We also pay referral fees. So, if you know someone that has a home to sell and they want to sell it quick for cash, don’t want to list it with a realtor for whatever reason, let us know. We will make an offer on that home. And if it’s accepted, then you will receive a handsome referral fee for sending that to us. That’s part of our marketing budget and we’d love to pay those. So again, just reach out to us on our phone number or go to our website, click the contact us link, fill out the form there, and we will make it happen.

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