Are Companies That Offer Cash for Houses Legit?


The Truth Behind Cash-for-Homes Offers

When it comes to selling your home, you’ve probably encountered those enticing “Sell-your-home-fast-for-cash” offers. They promise a quick sale without the hassle of repairs, staging, or dealing with traditional buyers. But are these companies legit? Let’s dive into the details.

1. The Business Model

Sell-my-house-fast-for-cash companies are investors, plain and simple. Their goal is to buy low and sell high. Just like any business, they’re in it to make money. So, don’t expect them to pay what your house is worth on the open market. Cash home buyers provide convenience, speed, ease, and Flexibility in exchange for a discounted price.

2. The Cash Advantage

What sets these companies apart is their ability to pay in cash. Unlike traditional buyers who rely on financing, cash buyers can expedite the process. There’s no need for you to prep your house, stage it, or keep it spotless. Plus, they can work with your schedule for closing since they don’t depend on mortgage lenders.

When price is not your primary motivation for selling your home, but rather you have a challenge, or a need or a problem to solve that can be accomplished by selling your house fast for cash, then a cash home buyer is likely for you.

Some reasons to consider a fast cash sale for your home include:

  • Needing to move quickly
  • Inheriting a home in poor condition
  • Need for a Flexible closing such as wanting to find another house before closing on yours
  • A house in need of repairs in order to be “bankable”, or qualify for a bank loan.
  • You have a home in foreclosure or with liens.
  • Need to avoid the hassle of multiple showings

3. Local vs Out of Town Cash Home Buyers

Should you always consider using a local Hampton Roads area fast cash home buyer rather than a company based out of town?

Any investor should see your house in person before making an offer. Most out of town investors will make an offer on the phone as high as possible to get a commitment to sell. However, there is always an inspection period. During the inspection period, someone will look at the home and do a more detailed evaluation. Often, the offer will be reduced and precious time for the seller can be lost. EZ Breezy Home Buyers, based in Chesapeake, Virginia, very rarely makes offers on the phone. We always want to set a time to see the house and determine the needs of the seller so we can provide the best possible solution and an offer that will make it all the way to closing with no lost time or hassle.

4. Legitimacy Check

Not all Sell-my-house-fast-for-cash companies are created equal. Some may not be legitimate. Here’s what you can do:

  • Research: Check reviews and look for Cash Home Buyers with many reviews and a strong rating.  Consider selling your home fast for cash with companies that are A+ rated with the BBB and have no complaints.  
  • Verify Identity: If you receive a cash offer, verify the company’s identity. Look for companies with reputable, professional websites showing a history of home purchases.
  • Take some time: Don’t rush. Spend time with the buyer, ask questions, and expect them to ask questions of you.  The more information you can glean and share, the more comfortable you will be with the offer you receive.  
  • In summary, Sell-my-house-fast-for-cash offers aren’t inherently good or bad. It depends on your needs and circumstances. Just remember that while they offer convenience, you might sacrifice some value compared to selling on the open market. So, proceed with caution and make an informed decision.
  • Remember, EZ Breezy Home Buyers is here to help you navigate the real estate landscape. We’ll work with you to find the best solution for your situation. Contact us today for a hassle-free consultation!

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